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8-port Mini-Switch option (no TMC standard)

Mini-switches up to 8 ports are authorized for procurement without a standard per the TMC – when purchasing a switch with 8 ports (total port count including expansion/uplink) or fewer, an agency does not have to go through ETS, or meet a specific hardware standard.  Mini-switch troubleshooting is an agency responsibility.

Important Notes:  In urban areas, mini-switches should be considered temporary and special-use only.  Do not use mini-switches for server networks, for example.  Do not connect any switches to IPT equipment, mini-switch or otherwise, without ETS approval and coordination.

If an agency has a need for a higher-performance, upgradeable/manageable mini-switch, the Cisco 2960 series includes one (1) 8-port mini-switch ETS can order – this *IS NOT* an ETS recommendation or standard:

WS-C2960G-8TC-L ... estimated cost $790.20