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ETS NSI Network Equipment

ETS Network Services switch, router, and wireless equipment recommendations & purchasing instructions

Network Equipment are Cisco hardware/software components that are offered through the WWT Hardware and Software contract. The WWT ePortal contains an SOA Cisco Standards catalog of approved items that are available through the contract and can be purchased by any SOA employee on behalf of their department without requiring an SDM ticket.

The SOA ePortal Register Document (State of Alaska login needed for document access) explains the registration process for access to the site. Once you have received your email confirmation, you can then begin to place orders or request quotes. Here�s an example of the ordering process

  • 1. Log onto the ePortal using your User Name and Password
  • 2. Access the �SOA Cisco Standards� drop down menu
  • 3. Choose a category from the list provided and select your item(s)
  • 4. Locate the item or items you need and click �add to cart�
  • 5. Click on your �My Cart� and click �Checkout� to complete your order.
  • A few things to note that will require you to create an SDM ticket through ETS are

  • 1. If the item(s) you need are not located in the catalog, or
  • 2. If the item(s) you need are in the catalog but require special configurations
  • If there is an item that you are looking for and it�s not currently available on the standards list it can easily be quoted at the same SOA rates and directly purchased through WWT. You can do this through the ePortal site or contact Mike Hommel or Joe Austerman at 800.214.7454 and 907.301.0980.

    For further instructions and information you can access the following link:

    New items will become available as SOA standards are updated and approved. The standard network and phone items are listed below

    General Site Network & Telephony Equipment Overview

    (General network & telephony equipment lists covering most access site types)


    Network & Telephony Equipment Links