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Alaska Video Teleconference Network

Common Questions

How many Video Teleconference Sites does the State have?

Is the State system owned & operated by an outside vendor?

  • AVTN is owned & operated by various State organizations with services provided by various providers.
    • Bridges and networks are currently managed by GCI.
    • Rooms and systems are owned by various State agencies and managed by the state
    • Data transmission is currently managed by the state.

I’ve heard that the sites are too busy!

  • Outside of the first quarter of the year, video conferences are scheduled less than 25% of the time. 30%-40% of room use has been for regular meetings.

How difficult is it to use the teleconferencing equipment?

  • Normal operation merely requires you to turn on the TV sets and use a remote with a menu to "point" at your other site. Most users easily operate the equipment within 10 minutes.
  • Of the several thousand conferences to date, few have had major problems. “Minor” problems are solved within 5 minutes. “Major” problems are typically resolved within 30 minutes.

Is videoconferencing expensive?

  • Simple point to point video conferences will not incur any charge, but is paid for through the EPR.

I want to Videoconference using workstation software over the Internet. Can I tie into your system?

  • Yes. Our systems use H.323 protocol for either point to point or bridged(multiple site) connections.

I want to use a room to downlink from satelite. Can I use your system?

  • Yes. You need to sumit a SDM to make sure this is coordinated with multiple providers.

How many people will each room accommodate?

  • Each site can typically accommodate up to 20 or more people.

Is there parking available?

  • Yes. Parking is available at all sites.

How many rooms can be connected at one time?

  • Any number of rooms can be connected by using a bridge.

Will someone be at each site to help us?

  • Technical support is available on request.

How much does it cost?

  • Basic point to point rates are already paid for in the Enterprise Productivity rate. If you require multiple sites, special services or a high quality of service, rates are based on a SLA rate.

How do I schedule the rooms? Do I have to contact each site?

  • Scheduling a teleconference is easy. You may use this web interface, use the enterprise calendar, submit an SDM or call the service center at call 1-888-565-8680 and indicate the dates and locations.

How far in advance do I need to schedule a conference?

  • Scheduling the room is the biggest challenge. The further in advance you schedule the greater the chance you can secure the conference rooms you want. The actual connecting of a simple point to point video call can happen quite spontaneously. If bridging services or tech support are needed please give the service center as much notice as possible.