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Alaska Video Teleconference Network


There are NO charges for basic point to point video teleconferencing services by State agencies. These rates are included in the Enterprise Productivity rate as established by ETS and approved by the departmental Administrative Services Director team.

You need merely schedule the two rooms in Calendar for a point to point video conference and make your call. However, there are a number of Value Added services (with costs) available for audio or video conferencing. We list some of the possible options below:

  • Audio Conferencing services – when added through a vendor may include a charge. Check with the Service Center.
  • Video Bridge services – calling the lower 48 or other video networks incurs a charge for using third party video bridging services. These charges are based on destination and equipment used.
  • Changes and cancellations – need to be done in the online calendar system as well as the SDM system.

To schedule a videoconference submit a SDM or call 1-888-565-8680

Invoicing for value added services, above basic usage, will be completed on a monthly basis and billed to the appropriate department.