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Network Services

Alaska Video Teleconference Network


Other than reserving the rooms in the enterprise calendar system, there are NO scheduling requirements for basic point to point video teleconferencing services by State agencies.

To schedule a videoconference with value added services (ie: multiple sites or QOS) submit an SDM
or call 1-888-565-8680.

The State of Alaska Service Center is open 24 x7 to answer your calls.

The following information is needed when you call to schedule a value added service such as bridged audio or video conferences:

  1. Meeting name, organization or title.
  2. The date and start time you wish to have the videoconference
  3. The duration of the meeting plus a few minutes at beginning and end.
  4. Any locations/sites that you wish to connect with (Juneau Goldbelt Bldg and Anchorage LIO)
  5. For Audio: the number of ports (participants or connections) needed, the billing telephone number to be charged and whether an 800 number is required.
  6. For Video: Whether a SOA Service Center technician is required for setup or as moderator.
    • Audioconferencing services are available in conjunction with a videoconference upon request.

Reservations for the rooms are on a first come first serve basis. The farther in advance, the better but typically a week or two can usually get you the rooms. We have also from time to time set up an adhoc conference within an hour. See Priority Usage Policy.

Once the videoconference has been scheduled any changes (date, time, locations, and cancellations ) need to be made in both the SDM and enterprise calendar system.