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Network Services


Network Services

Manages a complete range of reliable, secure and cost effective network resources to state government and partner organizations. These services include network problem management, network monitoring, mainframe access and management of the statewide network backbone providing digital connectivity for voice, data and video transmission.

Web Filtering & Web Waivers

Dedicated Lines (SATS)

Dedicated or private lines are leased to state agencies for either data or voice traffic. These lines are leased from a common carrier and/or are provided via the state's microwave system. ETS costs include leased service from common carriers, facilities and equipment costs, and personnel services. Rates for leased lines are calculated by multiplying the number of miles between terminating locations by a per-mile fee. The per-mile fee varies between 9.6KB and T-1 line capacities.Billing for leased lines occurs on an annual basis at the beginning of the fiscal year.

  • Circuit count - 316 Directly Billable Circuits
  • 362 used in support of ETS's other Telecommunications services