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Network Services


  • Core Services - Including Long Distance, Audio/Video Conferencing

Telephone Service

ETS serves more than 16,000 phone customers at over 180 state government sites or offices in Juneau, Fairbanks and Anchorage. Our customer support and partner teams have long standing experience in the telecommunications field, combined with a thorough understanding of public sector business needs. 

Fax Server Services

XMediusFAX is a fax server application that is currently deployed in the SOA IPT environment and enables users to send and receive faxes electronically. This service can supplement or replace the functionality of existing fax machines and can help reduce physical paper usage.

Small Phone Systems - 3RD Party

These are either single handsets from a local phone company or digital key phone systems which are not connected to the State Core PBX's. These systems range from small-to-medium branch offices of State agencies and serve approximately 6,000 telephone customers.

Cellular Phone Service

Satellite Phones

Satellite phones are used outside urban areas or on waterways where other services are unavailable or unreliable

ETS has worked with several providers to provision service for the 577 satellite telephones owned by State agencies. These phones typically work with low earth orbit (LEO) satellites up to 1200 miles abovethe Earth. The cost for these phones is much greater than that of a cell or radio phone service. However, coverage from over 66 satellites gives users a service which is available from most locations in the world. Data services can work with these phones but performance is slow compared to other urban services.  A 2400 mile round trip for data, for instance, means at least a 600 ms delay.

Service is unavailable over approx. 14% of the earth surface. Phone service can be blocked or impaired by physical structures (mountains/trees etc.) or other signal devices.