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ETS Operations Output Management :

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  • ETS provides Output Management as a service that controls the collection, analysis, staging, storage, and tracking of output and subsequent distribution to users at targeted destinations. (“Output” includes reports, scanned images, fax data, and printed materials that are ready for use by customers.) Automated Output Management provides two general end-user capabilities: (1) on-line viewing and annotation of output and (2) distribution of output to other servers or devices.
  • Tools necessary to provide this service at ETS include:
  • 1 IBM 3000 Lazer printer in Anchorage, 2 IBM 4000 Lazer printer in Juneau, 1 6400 Impact printer in Anchorage, 1 6400 impact printer in Juneau.
  • Mobius ViewDirect for MVS
  • Mobius ViewDirect for Networks
  • Mobius Document Direct for the Internet

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