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Designated Department Information Technology Managers

The IT Managers (ITMs) designated by the Administrative Services Director (ASD) for each department have the following responsibilities and are identified below:

  1. Each department's ASD and/or the designated department's ITM is responsible for ensuring that IT procurements in departments are in compliance with established State Information Technology Standards and aligned with the agency's IT Plan.
  2. Any IT questions, issues, and waiver requests for the Technology Management Council (TMC) must be submitted in writing through the agency's ITM.
  3. Task Orders and Professional Services contracts require signature approval by the designated department ITM for standards compliance and alignment to the agency's IT Plan.
  4. The designated department ITM's approval is required for all desktop, laptop, mobile device, monitor, and server procurements.

Department IT Managers

Department IT Manager
DOA Myria Shakespeare
DOC Vacant
CED Dave Seng
DEC Greg Light
EED Sandra Edwardson
ETS John Monagle
DFG Jeff Kasper
GOV Kami Clark
HSS Tim Banaszak
DOL Paul Hegg
LAW Jennifer McCaul
MVA Theodore Johnston
DNR Chris Hamilton
DPS Josh Garcia
DOR Russell Kunibe
DOT George Crowder
LAA Curt Clothier