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Audio Teleconference Services

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GCI Welcomes You!

GCI has been providing its managed audio conference service since 1993 and is the only company offering this type of service in Alaska. We have seen a steady increase in the usage of the services since its inception, with a 30% increase in the last 3 years. This growth can be attributed to the quality of our conferencing system, the professionalism of our conference staff and the features available.

The Bridge

The Multilink System 70 is a Digital Conferencing Bridge using 100% digital technology for audio teleconferencing. GCI currently has 120 audio ports available and can connect conference participants throughout Alaska, the Lower 48, Hawaii and more than 215 international countries, allowing all parties to simultaneously communicate with each other.

24/7 Operator Support

The Conference Center is located at GCI's Wasilla Call Center, 501 N Main Street. There are 5 Conference Operators and a Supervisor on staff who directly manage the service, with after hours support provided by GCI's fully trained Operator Service Leads.

GCI's Conference Operators on staff not only schedule and manage calls in progress, they assist our clients in determining which call type best fits their needs, as well as providing recommendations on the best features to use to enhance the quality of the call.

Scheduling A Call

Simply call 800-770-2121 to schedule your call, fax your desired information to 800-770-2122, or e-mail GCI at

Information Needed

  • Date & time of call
  • Type & duration of call
  • Contact name & number
  • Moderator name & number
  • Number of participants
  • Names & phone numbers of participants or meet me pin code

Billing Options

  • Bill to originating phone number
  • Bill to GCI calling card
  • Bill to phone number other than originating line (3rd Party)
  • Call(s) may be billed to an out-of-state number

Please Note

  • The charges for a dial out call do not begin until all parties are connected
  • If the call does not take place and/or is canceled, there is no charge
  • There is no charge for unused reserved lines Time & charges for the call(s) may be emailed or faxed for reference prior to the arrival of the billing invoice.

Time & charges for the call(s) may be emailed or faxed for reference prior to the arrival of the billing invoice.

Call Pricing

In-State & Out-of-State Conferences Per Min
Per attendee connection (Meet Me) $0.19
Per attendee connection (Operator Assisted) $0.25
  • One-time setup fees removed
  • Calls with an International leg (excluding Canada) are subject to an additional set up fee of $5.00 and an additional per minute rate of $1.00 per minute.

Types of Calls Offered

Meet Me

Allows participants to dial an 800 number, 800-315-6338 (MEET) enter a pre-determined code and connect to their conference call without operator assistance. To override this feature, operator assistance is available by waiting on the line before entering the code.

Operator Assisted

This is an operator initiated call, where the conference operator contacts participants and connects them to the call.

Joint State of Alaska (SOA) and 3rd Party

This is a modification of the "Meet-Me" call described above. This type of call is used when a SOA organization wishes to hold a conference all with non-SOA entities that would be required to pay for their own line on the conference call. To schedule this type of conference call, please notify the operator at the time the call is scheduled. A separate sheet with specific instructions for the non-SOA party is available. Please ensure that all non-SOA, 3rd party participants are provided with the instruction sheet. All SOA call participants will be charged the Official SOA/GCI contract rates for the conference call. Commercial rates will apply to all participants that are not part of the SOA/GCI contract. Commercial rates for audio conference calling are based on time of day and distance.

You may call 800-770-2121 or fax 800-770-2122 to schedule your conference call, or e-mail GCI at

When the call is scheduled, the reservation operator will issue two separate PIN numbers. One is to be used by the SOA participants, the other is to be provided to 3rd participants that will be paying for their own conference call charges.

Features Available Upon Request

Entry/Exit Tones

Additions or dropouts to the conference call are indicated by a "tone" that notifies all parties that someone has either Types of Calls Offered joined or exited the call. Use of the tones is optional when you set up the call and a matter of preference.

Roll Call

If requested, the operator will conduct a formal roll call on an operator assisted call, after the parties have been connected.

Questions and Answer Session (Electronic Hand-Raising)

Allows the orderly processing of questions within an informational conference. During a Q&A session, all the lines are muted except the Moderator's. The Conferees press *1 on their phones to indicate they have a question. The Conferees with questions appear on the operator's screen in the order they were received. The operator then opens each line individually to enable the Conferee to ask their question.


Allows conferees to vote on specific issues by pressing digits on their phones. The results appear on the operator's screen allowing for an organized method to gather participants' responses. The operator can immediately share the results of the vote verbally to everyone on the call, or email or fax to the originator as instructed.


Feature when information exchanged within a conference is confidential in nature. Allows the moderator to secure the conference to prevent outsiders, including the operator, from hearing the conversation. Moderators have the ability to turn this feature on and off, by pressing *7 (S).

Moderator & Conferee Privileges

GCI's conference system provides commands that give moderators and conferees greater control of conference activity. These options enrich the conference by allowing moderators to manage conferences with little or no operator assistance.


Allows anyone involved in the call to mute their own phone by dialing *6(M), so call participants cannot hear background noise or private conversations.

Operator Assistance

Allows any participant to receive assistance from the operator at any time during the call by entering *0 on their phone. The person is momentarily removed from the conference to speak privately with the operator.


Allows only the moderator to speak during the call by pressing *5(L); all other lines are muted. This assures that only the presenters are heard and prevents background noise from interfering with the conference. This is most suitable for academic presentations, press conference and large groups. This feature may also be requested when you schedule your call.


The conference system provides clear, natural audio, allowing all non-muted conferees to speak and be heard. Gain allows adjustment of the different voice levels in a conference, particularly if there is a wide variation in the speech volume of participants. The moderator can turn this feature on and off by pressing *4(G). This feature may also be requested when your schedule your call.

MDO (Moderator Dial Out)

Allows the moderator (originator) the flexibility to add another party to the call without contacting the operator by pressing designated digits on their phone; *1 allows the moderator to access an outside line and dial another party; *2 allows the moderator and the new party to be joined back into the conference; *3 allows the moderator to disconnect the accessed line and rejoin the conference alone.