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GCI Core Service Rates

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Video Conference Rates

On-Net Calling

Rates apply to calls involving only SOA video facilities managed by GCI. SOA's managed service includes unlimited calls with no additional per-minute fees.

Off-Net Calling

Rates apply to calls that are originated or received on SOA video facilities but involve connections to public network facilities outside of the SOA's video network. Per minute charges for these connections will be billed at the rate of $.08 per 64kb channel. Connection speeds are determined at time of call initiation and typically are 384kb ($.48 per off-net site). These costs do not include possible fees passed through by the non-SOA managed facility. These additional fees are not controlled or managed by GCI. It is SOA's responsibility to coordinate calls to non-SOA managed facilities.


Meeting schedulers are required to schedule the conference room prior to scheduling a video conference bridge. To schedule a video conference bridge, call the SOA Service Center at 1-888-565-8680. A web-based video conference scheduling option became available March 15, 2004.

Wired Telephony Rates

Install Rates

All installs, moves, adds, changes, and deletes (IMACD) of phones serviced by the State's "on-net" PBX phone switches including VOIP services in Anchorage, Juneau, and Fairbanks will be included in the PBX device rate which is pending ETS and OMB approval. Exceptions include additions to new facilities and any cabling, which would be billed back to the department requesting the work and would be billed on a time and materials (T&M) basis. All IMACD's on phones not serviced by the core phone switches are billed on a T&M basis.

Equipment Rates

Replacing broken phones serviced by the State's Core Phone Switches in Anchorage, Juneau, and Fairbanks with identical models (if available) will be included in the PBX device rate which is pending ETS and OMB approval. All upgraded phones or phones to new locations are billed back to the department requesting the phone. All replacement phones not serviced by the core phone switches and all IP Telephony phones are billed back to the department or agency requesting phone. Prices vary depending on the model.

T&M Labor Rates

Time and Materials Labor Rates

Rates may be applied to work that is outside of the scope of the core services contract, but performed by GCI. This includes but is not limited to 3rd party phone IMACDs, wireless network support, SATS, estimates requiring site surveys or more than 4 hours to produce, infrastructure and network upgrades, and new site or network additions.

Labor Category Hourly Rate Overtime Rate
Administrator 58 87
Dispatcher/NOCC Tech 63 94.5
Procurement/Logistic Admin 79 118.5
Technician 95 142.5
Lead Technician/Supervisor 110 165
Network Administrator 110 165
Project Manager 126 126
Engineer 142 142

Expenses, including materials, will be billed at actual costs, plus 10%. Daily overtime rates apply when employee has worked over 8 hours. Expedited requests may incur OT if available worker has already worked 8 hours and should be authorized on your request. There is a minimum one hour charge.

Third party work performed by other telephone companies are subject to their rates and will be billed directly to the agency requesting the work.

Long Distance Rates (Includes Calling Card & Toll Free Services)

Part-Net Calling

Rates apply to your locations or calls that are made "On Net" - originating from a core State of Alaska (SOA) PBX phone switch or VOIP locations in Anchorage, Juneau, and Fairbanks to a non-core SOA PBX or VOIP phone. These rates will apply to overflow calls, which include calls between Anchorage, Juneau and Fairbanks when they exceed the SOA phone network capacity. All incoming 800 calls rate at Part Net rates.

Out-of-State Calling &
Inbound 800 Calls
Per Minute
Billed in 6-second Increments $0.04
In-State Calling &
Inbound 800 Calls
Per Minute
Billed in 6-second Increments $0.10

Off-Net Calling

Rates apply to calls that originate from any phone that is not one of the core SOA PBX phone switches or VOIP services in Anchorage, Juneau, and Fairbanks. Calling Card Calls bill at Off-Net rates with no GCI surcharge.

Out-of-State Calling &
Calling Card Calls
Per Minute
Billed in 6-second Increments $0.04
In-State Calling &
Calling Card Calls
Per Minute
Billed in 6-second Increments $0.10

Calling Cards

Domestic locations are not subject to GCI surcharge. International calls are subject to a $0.30 per call surcharge. Calling Card calls placed from payphones are billed a $0.50 POC (Payphone Origination Charge) and billing other than by coin.

Toll Free Services

There is no additional monthly plan fee for inbound 800 service. Calls made to an inbound 800 number from a payphone are subject to a $0.50 per call surcharge to offset the federally mandated compensation of payphone providers.

  • A $5.00 per number monthly fee applies to custom call routing.
  • Canada origination of 800-numbers is optional. Rates for calls to State 800 numbers originating in Canada are at tariff rates.
  • Operator-assisted calls incur additional fees.

GCI's long distance rates for the State of Alaska are based on our Enterprise Advantage Calling Plan. V0204

Managed Audio Conference Rates

Per Conference
Set-up Fees
One Time
Meet-Me conference calls, per leg N/A
Operator Assisted, per leg N/A
Conferences Per Minute
Per attendee connection(Meet Me) $0.19
Per attendee connection (Operator Assisted) $0.25
  • The Originator's line on Audio Teleconferencing Service is free.
  • One-time setup fees removed.
  • Calls with an International leg (excluding Canada) are subject to an additional set up fee of $5.00 and an additional per minute rate of $1.00 per minute.

Billing Options

There are three billing options for audio conferencing:

Meet Me

Allows participants to dial an 800 number, 1(800)315-MEET (6338) then enter a predetermined code and connect to their conference call without operator assistance. These calls are set up to bill to a phone number specified when scheduling the call.

Operator Assisted

This is an operator initiated call where the conference operator contacts participants and connects them to the call.

Joint SOA and 3rd Party

This is a modification of the "Meet Me" call described above. This type of call is used when a SOA organization wishes to hold a conference call with non-SOA entities that would be required to pay for their own line on the conference call. To schedule this type of conference call, please notify the operator at the time the call is scheduled. A separate sheet with specific instructions for the non-SOA party is available. All SOA call participants will be charged the Official SOA/GCI contract rates for conference call. Commercial rates will apply to all participants that are not part of the SOA/GCI contract. Commercial rates for audio conference calling are based on time of day and distance.


To schedule audio conferences, contact GCI's Conference Center at 1-800-770-2121.

Dial-Up Rates

Standard Rates

SOA has flat rate charges of $17 per month. Toll-free dialing access can be added and will incur additional long-distance charges at a per minute rate of $0.10. Dialing into one of GCI's local numbers will not incur additional charges. For a listing of local access numbers go to the following web site: