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GCI Video Teleconference Pricing

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What is included?

  • Unlimited use of video conferencing within the State's Video Teleconference (VTC) locations using GCI's video conferencing network, including multipoint bridging services

  • Commercial quality video conferencing data rate (30 frames per second)

  • Access to on-line conference scheduling and automation tool for key state conference coordinators

  • Unlimited help desk support

  • Monitoring and management of transport and video systems

  • Customer-premise router when required

  • Pricing applicable to sites contracted for service above minimum core amount of 25 State of Alaska managed video sites

Optional Services

  • Audio conference integration - GCI conference call rates. Refer to the Audio Teleconference Services brochure for more information.

Call Pricing

The State of Alaska receives unlimited video teleconference sessions between SOA facilities managed by GCI. These rates are included in the EPR. Calls to sites outside of the SOA managed sites are bill at $0.48/min/site. For a list of current managed sites please refer to the brochure homepage.

Available Options

  • Maintenance only option - provides maintenance support on the customer porvided Ploycom end point hardware only and does not include maintenance for the monitor or cart

  • Video service only option - provides GCI video conference services without any maintenance support on equipment


Location: Metro Core (Anchorage, Fairbanks, Juneau Metro Areas)

Available OptionsMonthly ChargeInstall Charge
Maintenance Only Option$1050.00$1500.00 (transport included)

Locations: Satellite Served

Available OptionsMonthly ChargeInstall Charge
Video Service Only OptionAvailable upon request.Available upon request.

Locations: Existing Advantage IP Service Already Installed at Customer Location

Pricing assumes Advantage IP network has minimum 576kbps bandwidth available for VTC; Advantage IP network connection is available in room where endpoint will be installed; no GCI hardware required to integrate with core VTC network; additional bandwidth, if required will be priced based on location. This pricing is for access to the core VTC services and does not include the cost of the bandwidth.

Available OptionsMonthly ChargeInstall Charge
Maintenance Only Option$500.00$700.00 (transport included)

Relocating Existing Endpoint

If relocating within same facility and port and Advantage IP access is available there is no charge. All other relocations will be priced on a case-by-case basis.