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Welcome to the Decisions Search Page

The Office of Administrative Hearings is responsible for making "final agency decisions reached after administrative hearings available online through an electronic data base." Alaska Stat. § 44.64.090(a). That data base can be accessed through this web page. Past and new decisions will be posted to this page as time and resources permit.

The database is organized by case category and can be accessed by category or through key word searching. To access all of the cases in a category electronically published to date, click on the link below for that category. (Some of those links may take the reader to another state agency's electronic case files.) To search the database using key words, type a word or a few words in the "FIND" box to the right of these instructions and click on the "Find" button. The FIND feature will use a simple Google search to identify the decisions containing one or more of the key words.  For many searches, the Google search engine initially will display only a portion of the hits, omitting the ones it considers duplicative. After the search result appears, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click the “repeat search with the omitted results included” option to generate a complete list of the hits for your key words.

To review decisions by category, click on the link corresponding to the category in which you are interested. View the list of categories and the abbreviations used to identify them. You may also browse through the decisions listed by categories and subjects.