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Child Support

Subject Index

This page contains links to many of the published decisions that involve Child Support hearings. 

This page is intended to provide a useful starting place for your own research, but it may not contain every case that applies to your situation, does not contain every decision, and may not contain the most recent decisions.  Not every possible subject topic is listed.  All OAH published decisions may be found here

Most decisions have an adoption/non-adoption page which may include changes to the decision.

Court decisions, statutes, and state regulations may also apply to your situation.  In addition, OAH decisions from other case categories, or from the OAH General Topics Index page, may be relevant to your case.

Civil Rule 90.3 and the commentary to that rule are relevant in many Child Support cases.  The rule has been adopted by regulation to be followed when calculating Child Support amounts.

CSSD maintains an Online Calculator for Child Support which is often used to calculate the amount of support owed once the obligor’s income is determined.