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Office Closures

The Department of Administration on occassion issues notices of office closures due to inclement weather or other reasons. These notices are drafted to communicate information that we believe is essential for state employees and the public.

How Office Closures Work

State offices will be closed only at the direction of the Governor or the Governorís designee. No other state agency can independently make this determination. The Commissioner of the Department of Administration (DOA) shall be responsible for communicating decisions on office closures to the rest of state government, the media, and the public.

All State offices will be open during normal business hours unless closure is specifically directed by the Governorís Office or the DOA Commissioner for purposes of protecting the safety and health of employees and/or the public. The only exception to this policy is in the event of a state of emergency declared by properly-empowered authorities (e.g. police or fire officials). In such events, employees are to follow the direction of such authorities.

For more information see Office Closure Policy and Procedures (pdf)

How can I receive notifications?

Phone or Email

Receive notifications by phone or email when you sign-up or manage your GovDelivery subscription (select OFFICE CLOSURE list after login) at


Check for alert notifications and updates


On your home computer and with a person profile, sign up for the SOA Office Closure alerts on Facebook ( and/or Twitter (


Check the State of Alaska Notification Hotline at 877-326-5551

Office Closure Questions?

Office of the Commissioner
Phone: 907-465-2200

DOA Commissioner, Sheldon Fisher

DOA Special Assistant, Andy Mills