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AOGCC Pool Statistics Kustatan Field, Undef Disposal Pool
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  Operator: Forest Oil Company
Discovery Well: Forcenergy Inc.
Kustatan Field No. 1
Permit #200-153
API No. 50-133-20496-00-00
Sec. 04, T07N, R14W, SM
Depth: 12,300’ MD / 12,300' TVD
April 1, 2003
  Status: Disposal
Location: Cook Inlet Basin Area Loc. Map  
Orders: Complete List
Forest Oil Corporation has used the unsuccessful exploration well Kustatan Field No. 1 (“KF 1”) to conduct disposal operations. The target injection zone is in the middle Tyonek Formation (“Tyonek”) at depths below 6500’ measured depth (“MD”) and true vertical depth (“TVD”). The Tyonek Formation is a Tertiary-aged fluvial deposit consisting of fine- to medium-grained sandstones with interbedded siltstones, claystones, and coals, which tend to be laterally continuous over several miles. The sandstone layers within the injection zone range in thickness up to 100’, and have up to 27% porosity and 50 millidarcies permeability. The interbedded siltstones, claystones, and coals provide vertical confinement for injected fluids. Approximately 40% of the 1000-foot interval overlaying the injection zone consists of laterally continuous, confining lithologies. These confining lithologies also comprise approximately 20% of the middle Tyonek Formation underlying the proposed injection interval. Disposal operations in KF 1 will not impact production, as the nearest development wells are more than 2-1/2 miles away.

Injection operations began in April 2003, reached a maximum daily rate of 3,433 barrels of water per day in May 2003, and then declined to 1,422 barrels of water per day by January 2004. Additional disposal injection occurred in April, May, September, October and November 2004. There have been no reported injection operations within this pool since November 2004.


Strat Column
Production: Disp Chart Disp Report Disp Data
  Gas (mcf) Water (bbls) Disposed Fluids (bbls)
Cumulative 0 0 475,689
2001 Total 0 0 0
2002 Total 0 0 0
2003 Total 0 0 411,169
2004 Total 0 0 63,920
2003 Rate (/d) 0 0 2,069
2004 Rate (/d) 0 0 1,639
Change (%) 0 0 -21%
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