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AOGCC Pool Statistics Albert Kaloa Field, Undef Gas Pool
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  Operator: Aurora Gas, LLC
Discovery Well: Amoco Production Co.
Albert Kaloa No. 1
Permit #167-031
API No. 50-283-20006-00-00
Sec. 26, T11N, R12W, SM
Depth:13,600’ MD/13,600' TVD
January 4, 1968
  Status: Producing
Location: Cook Inlet Basin Area Loc. Map Unit Loc. Map
Orders: None
Summary: Pan American Petroleum Company’s (“Pan Am”) Albert Kaloa No. 1 exploratory oil well discovered this pool in 1967.  Pan Am tested the Beluga Formation between 3516' and 3538' measured depth, and recovered gas at a calculated 24-hour rate of 12,436,000 cubic feet per day with no associated water or oil.  Production and metering equipment were installed, the well was connected by pipeline to Atlantic Richfield's Spark Platform, and the well was opened to flow on December 2, 1970. It produced dry gas at a rate of 1,300,000 cubic feet per day on December 2nd and 2,000,000 cubic feet per day on December 3rd.  Production continued through January 11, 1971, when sand and mud plugged the tubing string, and the well failed. The operator suspended the well, stating that repair costs were prohibitive and could not be economically justified.

Interest in the Albert Kaloa area rejuvenated during 2004 when Aurora Gas, LLC drilled the Kaloa No. 2 exploratory well at a location adjacent to Albert Kaloa No. 1. On August 6, 2004, Aurora Power Resources, Inc. announced in a press release that Kaloa No. 2 had been drilled to a total depth of about 3,700’ and had encountered 150' of net pay between 3,158' and 3,552'.  Aurora reportedly tested four separate intervals at a combined flow rate of about 10,000,000 cubic feet per day. Continuous production from Kaloa No. 2 began in October 2004, and during December 2004 the well produced a total of 148,129,000 cubic feet of gas, for an average rate of 4,778,355 cubic feet per day.

Strat Column
Production: Prod Chart Prod Report Prod Data
  Gas (mcf) Water (bbls) Disposed Fluids (bbls)
Cumulative 557,854 69 0
2001 Total 0 0 0
2002 Total 0 0 0
2003 Total 0 0 0
2004 Total 439,080 69 0
2003 Rate (/d) 0 0 0
2004 Rate (/d) 0 0 0
Change (%) 0 0 0
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