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AOGCC Pool Statistics Beluga River Field, Undef Gas Pool
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  Operator: ConocoPhillips Alaska Inc.
Discovery Well: Standard Oil Co. of California
Beluga River Unit No. 1
Permit #162-018
API No. 50-083-10027-00-00
Sec. 35, T13N, R10E, SM
Depth: 16,429 MD / 16,429' TVD
December 1, 1962
  Status: Producing
Location: Cook Inlet Basin Area Loc. Map DNR Unit Map
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The Beluga River Field is a shallow gas accumulation located approimately 40 miles west of Anchorage, along the western shoreline of the Cook Inlet. It was discovery in December 1962 while exploring for a deeper oil objective. Gas production began in March 1968 and currently there are 18 well penetrations within the Beluga River Unit. The field is a major supplier for local electric utilities and home gas usage in the Anchorage area. ConocoPhillips Alaska, Inc operates the field for its co-owners Chevron and Municipal Light and Power. (Source: John Braden, ConocoPhillips)



The Beluga River structure is a broad, north-northeastern trending fault propagation fold with a steep dipping reverse fault on the west side. The gas field produces from two Tertiary-aged formations: the high net-to-gross, Pliocene aged Sterling Fm, and the underlying low net-to gross Miocene-age Beluga Fm. The stratigraphic section is dominated by fluid non-marine arkosic sandstone, siltstone, mudstone, and coal deposited in a rapidly subsiding basin. The reservoir consist of dozens of stacked sands that are encased in relatively impermeable siltstone and mudstone. The gross reservoir thickness is up to 3200'. Ubiquitous interbedded coals source the tremendous volumes of biogenic gas trapped with in the field. (Source: John Braden, ConocoPhillips)


Structure Map Strat Column
Production: Prod Chart Prod Report Prod Data Disp Chart Disp Report Disp Data
  Gas (mcf) Water (bbls) Disposed Fluids (bbls)
Cumulative 904,780,210 31,602 225,252
2001 Total 41,785,753 4,406 9,380
2002 Total 44,038,839 6,604 11,169
2003 Total 56,252,066 9,119 14,165
2004 Total 57,617,635 10,663 15,673
2003 Rate (/d) 154,115 25 39
2004 Rate (/d) 1557,857 29 43
Change (%) 2% 16% 10%
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