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Oil Pools
Badami, Badami - Oil
Badami, Undefined - Oil
Beaver Creek, Beaver Creek - Oil
Colville River, Alpine - Oil
Colville River, Fiord - Oil
Colville River, Nanuq - Oil
Colville River, Nanuq-Kuparuk (Term) - Oil
Colville River, Qannik - Oil
Endicott, Eider - Oil
Endicott, Endicott - Oil
Endicott, Ivishak - Oil
Endicott, Sag-Ivishak Undefined - Oil
Granite Point, Hemlock Undefined - Oil
Granite Point, Middle Kenai - Oil
Hansen Undefined - Oil
Katalla Undefined - Oil
Kuparuk River, Kuparuk - Oil
Kuparuk River, Meltwater - Oil
Kuparuk River, Tabasco - Oil
Kuparuk River, Tarn - Oil
Kuparuk River, Ugnu Undefined - Oil
Kuparuk River, West Sak - Oil
McArthur River, Hemlock - Oil
McArthur River, Mid Kenai G - Oil
McArthur River, Undefined - Oil
McArthur River, W Foreland - Oil
Middle Ground Shoal, A - Oil
Middle Ground Shoal, B,C,D - Oil
Middle Ground Shoal, E,F,G - Oil
Milne Point, Kuparuk River - Oil
Milne Point, Sag River - Oil
Milne Point, Schrader Bluff - Oil
Milne Point, Terti Undefined - WTRSP
Milne Point, Ugnu Undefined - WTRSP
Milne Point, Ungu Undefined - Oil
Nikaitchuq, Nikaitchuq Schrader Bluff - Oil
Northstar, Northstar - Oil
Ooogaruk, Kuparuk - Oil
Ooogaruk, Nuiqsut - Oil
Ooogaruk, Torok - Oil
Point Thomson, Undefined - Oil
Prudhoe Bay, Aurora - Oil
Prudhoe Bay, Borealis - Oil
Prudhoe Bay, Lisburne - Oil
Prudhoe Bay, Midnight Sun Oil
Prudhoe Bay, N Prudhoe Bay Oil
Prudhoe Bay, Niak Iv-SR Undefined Oil
Prudhoe Bay, Niakuk - Oil
Prudhoe Bay, Orion Schrader Bluff Oil
Prudhoe Bay, Polaris Oil
Prudhoe Bay, Prudhoe - Oil
Prudhoe Bay, Pt McIntyre Oil
Prudhoe Bay, PTM Stump Island Oil
Prudhoe Bay, PTM Undefined Oil
Prudhoe Bay, Ugnu Undefined WTRSP
Prudhoe Bay, W Beach Oil
Prudhoe Bay, W Beach TR Undefined WTRSP
Redoubt Shoal, Undefined Oil
Swanson River, Hemlock Oil
Trading Bay, G NE Hemlock NE Oil
Trading Bay, Hemlock Oil
Trading Bay, Mid Kenai B Oil
Trading Bay, Mid Kenai C Oil
Trading Bay, Mid Kenai D Oil
Trading Bay, Mid Kenai E Oil
Trading Bay, Undefined Oil
Trading Bay, W Foreland Oil
Umiat, Undefined Oil
W McArthur River, W McArthur River Oil

Gas Pools
Albert Kaloa - Gas
Barrow, East Barrow - Gas
Barrow, South Barrow - Gas
Beaver Creek, Beluga - Gas
Beaver Creek, Sterling - Gas
Beaver Creek, Tyonek Undefined - Gas
Beluga River, Undefined - Gas
Birch Hill, Undefined - Gas
Deep Creek, Beluga/Tyonek - Gas
East Umiat, Undefined Gas
Granite Pt - Undefined Gas
Houston, Houston Coalbed - Gas
Ivan River, Undefined - Gas
Kasilof Tyonek 1, Undefined - Gas
Kavik, Undefined - Gas
Kemik, Undefined Gas
Kenai, Beluga Undefined - Gas
Kenai, Sterling 3 - Gas
Kenai, Sterling 4 - Gas
Kenai, Sterling 5.1 - Gas
Kenai, Sterling 5.2 - Gas
Kenai, Sterling 6 - Gas
Kenai, Tyonek - Gas
Kenai, Beluga - Upper Tyonek - Gas
Kenai, C.L.U. Beluga - Gas
Kenai, C.L.U. Sterling Undefined - Gas
Kenai, C.L.U. Tyonek D - Gas
Kenai, C.L.U. Upper Tyonek - Gas
Kustatan Field 1 - Gas
Lewis River, Undefined - Gas
Lone Creek, Undefined - Gas
McArthur River, Middle Kenai - Gas
Middle Ground Shoal, Undefined - Gas
Moquawkie, Undefined - Gas
Nicolai Creek, Beluga Undefined - Gas
Nicolai Creek, North - Gas
Nicolai Creek, South - Gas
Ninilchik-Falls CK, Tyonek Undefined - Gas
Ninilchik-G Oskolkoff, Tyonek Undefined - Gas
Ninilchik-S Dionne, Tyonek Undefined - Gas
North Cook Inlet, Tertiary System - Gas
North Fork, Undefined - Gas
Northstar, Kuparuk C Undefined - Gas
Pioneer, Tyonek Undefined - Gas
Pretty Creek, Undefined - Gas
Red Dog, Kivalina Undefined - Gas
Redoubt Shoal, Undefined - Gas
Sterling, Beluga Undefined - Gas
Sterling, Lower Beluga/Tyonek Undefined - Gas
Sterling, Sterling Undefined - Gas
Sterling,Tyonek Undefined - Gas
Sterling, Upper Beluga Undefined - Gas
Stump Lake, Undefined - Gas
Swanson River, Beluga Undefined - Gas
Swanson River, Sterling Undefined - Gas
Swanson River, Tyonek Undefined - Gas
Three Mile Creek, Beluga - Gas
Trading Bay, Undefined - Gas
W Forland, Undefined Gas
Walakpa, Walakpa - Gas
W Fork, Sterling A Gas
W Fork, Sterling B Gas
W Fork, Undefined Gas
Wolf Lake, Beluga-Tyonek Undefined Gas

Gas Storage Pools

Cannery Loop Unit, Sterling C - Gas Storage Swanson River, Gas Storage
Kenai, Gas Storage
Pretty Creek, Gas Storage