Alaska Department of Administration

Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission


Data Extract

Updated: Monthly
Public Database extract made available in Access.

Data Miner 3

Updated: Weekly
Latest version of the data miner web application.

Hydraulic Fracturing

Updated: Weekly

Data Miner v2

Updated: Weekly
Notice: The AOGCC is retiring Data Miner V2 on 1/15/2019

Well File Images Database

Updated: Weekly
AOGCC's Laserfiche database containing well history files.

FTP Site

Username: puboil
Password: aogcc.201


Updated: Weekly


Updated: Weekly

Release Dates and Extensions

Updated: Yearly

Digital Well Log Files

Digital data from wells drilled on State lands can obtained by contacting AOGCC Customer service.
Note: Please submit a completed data request form attached to your email request.