Department of Commerce, Community, and Economic Development

Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission


List of AOGCC's publicly available datasets and web applications.

Data Extract

Updated: Monthly
Public Database extract made available in Access.

Data Miner 3

Provides well info and history, including their production and injection records as well as facility info and their Natural Gas Liquid (NGL) records.
Updated: Weekly
Latest version of the data miner web application.

Well File Images Database

AOGCC's Laserfiche® database containing well history files.
Updated: Weekly


Completed Reports are received within 60 days after completion and processed on a weekly basis.
Updated: Weekly

Orders Web App

Search for various types of orders – Area Exemption Orders (AEO), Area Injection Orders (AIO), Conservation Orders (CO), Disposal Injection Orders (DIO), Enhanced Recovery Injection Orders (ERIO), Storage Injection Orders (SIO), and Other Orders (OO). Enforcements and violations can be found within Other Orders.
Updated: Weekly

FTP Site

Username: puboil
Password: aogcc.201


Updated: Weekly

Release Dates and Extensions

Updated: Yearly

Digital Well Log Files

Digital data from wells drilled on State lands can obtained by contacting AOGCC Customer service.
Note: Please submit a completed data request form attached to your email request.