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Information Available

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  • Well Information

    • Catalog of Wells

      A catalog of wells drilled in the State of Alaska and other helpful information is available on our Useful Lists page at:
    • Well History Files

      These contain:
      • Completion Reports
      • Formation Tops
      • Drilling Histories
      • Directional Surveys
      • Core Descriptions (if appropriate)
      • Well Test Reports(if appropriate)
      • Drilling Permit
      • Proposed Drilling Program
      Available on-line through our Weblink application at: or from:
      Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission
      333 West 7th Ave
      Anchorage, AK 99501-3539
      Phone: 907-279-1433
      Fax: 907-276-7542
    • Wireline and MWD Logging Data

      A catalog of Public Digital Log Data and other helpful information is available on our Useful Lists page at: After you have found the well(s), please email by contacting Makana Bender or Steve Davies. with the Well Name and data set number(s). The requested data sets can either be put onto a CD (requester supplied) or uploaded to a public ftp site. When the data is uploaded to the public ftp site, you will be sent an email informing you how to get to the ftp site so you can download the data. We also have a limited amount of Digital Well Log Files on-line at: The Commission is now accepting graphical well log files in .pds format. Download the PDSView viewer software for this file format here, (Freeware provided courtesy of Schlumberger): Production Test and Bottom-hole Pressure Surveys Some of the well files have production test data and pressure survey data in digital form.
  • Databases

    Several databases are maintained by the Commission. These databases aid in statistical overview as well as compliance activities. The Commission compiles and maintains a data bank of drilling, production, and reservoir statistics, including information on oil production, associated gas production, non-associated gas production, and injection volumes on an individual well, pool, and field basis. Other data includes drilling permits, well histories, well logs, and public hearing testimony. The Commission also monitors oil and gas reservoir depletion in Alaska. A reservoir surveillance system allows the Commission to provide other state agencies with detailed reservoir information and to act on its own motion when appropriate to enforce conservation principles.
    • Production Database

      The Commission keeps field and well totals of oil, gas, and plant production (ngl's) as well as water, gas, and disposal injection totals in the production database system. Gas disposition records have also been maintained in the production database system.
    • Compliance Database / Inspection Database / RBDMS

      Compliance and inspection databases are updated to ensure proper reporting and maintenance activities. The Commission has also incorporated a Relational Database (RBDMS) that will track well history, compliance, and inspection data.
    • Historical Database

      The Commission maintains a historical database that includes well history files. Well files contain all documentation from permit to drill through plug and abandonment. They provide a basis for problem evaluation and can be integral for exploration research.
  • Regular Reports Drilling and Production Data

    Drilling data are tabulations of monthly drilling figures for exploratory, development and service wells. Production data are tabulations of monthly, yearly and cumulative production or injection volumes for each well in the state's producing fields.
    • Monthly Drilling and Production Reports

      Monthly web listing containing current drilling and production statistics. This information was previously published in our monthly bulletin, but is now only available on this website at and, respectively. Requested data can include whatever releasable information is sought, and can be produced in whatever tabulation is desired to accommodate individual needs. For example, tabulations can be obtained showing oil production from each of Alaska's oil fields on a year-by-year basis from startup to the present. Similar tabulations can be obtained reflecting production and/or injection totals from individual wells, as well as listings of such things as all exploratory wells drilled within any designated area showing operator, well name and number, surface and bottom-hole locations, and completion status. Custom ordered tabulations on drilling and production statistics can be obtained either in printed form or on digital media. Statistics on oil/gas drilling/production in Alaska in printed form are available from the Commission or Motznik. Motznik Computer Services, Inc.
      8301 Briarwood Drive, Suite 100
      Anchorage, AK 99518
      ph: (907) 344-6254
      fax:(907) 344-1759
    • Statistical Report

      This reflects drilling, production and reservoir statistics. Information is presented both in summary form and on a field-by-field basis. Tabulations of significant data are included for the productive fields in the state. The current edition of this report is available online at:
    • Monthly Drilling & Production Reports

      Monthly web listing containing current drilling and production statistics. This information was previously published in our monthly bulletin, but is now only available on this website at and, respectively.
    • Weekly Drilling Statistics

      Weekly web listing of recently approved drilling permits and releasable information on recently completed wells. This report, covering the preceding week, is generally available every Tuesday on this website. Paper copies are available every Tuesday morning at the Commission office. (Copies of records at the Commission may be obtained in accord with 6 AAC 95.010 through .900.)
  • Orders & Administrative Approvals

    Copies of orders and approvals issued by the Commission are available. A current index is maintained for review in the office. Many are also published on this website at:
  • Library & Public Request Fees

    The well history files that the AOGCC maintains are available to the public once the period of confidentiality has expired. Other files of interest available for public viewing are production files, field files, conservation orders, disposal and area injection order files as well as files relating to investigations. The AOGCC also maintains a collection of wireline log and mud log reproducibles. Contact the librarian for procedures to obtain blueline copies.
    • Fee Schedule

      NOTICE OF REVISED PUBLIC REQUEST FEES The AOGCC has amended Public Request fees for copies of documents and files. The AOGCC has received an increasing number of requests for copies of oversized and color documents, and electronic files. This revision sets fees for those types of public requests. In addition, the AOGCC will be archiving selected files and oversized materials. There is a separate fee schedule for those items. Fees are set according to 6 AAC 96.240, AS 40.25.110 and AS 40.25.115.
    • Hours & Data Requests

      Public access to the Commission library is from 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM, Monday through Friday, other times by appointment.
      If you are coming in person to visit the library, please submit a completed Data Request Form to the librarian prior to your arrival so the materials can be made available for you.
      If you are unable to visit the library in person, you must submit your data request by email to the librarian at: Or, mail your written request to:
      Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission
      Attn: Librarian
      333 W. 7th Ave., Ste. 100
      Anchorage, Alaska 99501
      Requests for copying will be acted upon as soon as possible. For further information, contact the AOGCC, at 907-279-1433. The fax number is 907-276-7542.
  • Data Request Form

  • Data Request Fee Schedule

  • Base Maps

    Location Maps - Copies of current editions of various well location maps and field and facility location maps utilized by the Commission are available from:     Mapmakers Alaska
    259 S. Alaska St.
    Palmer, AK 99645
    ph: (907) 745-3398
    fax:(907) 745-6733
  • Miscellaneous

    • Cuttings & Core Chips Analyses

      For well samples, core library, geologic slide inventory, or reports based on analyses made of ditch cuttings and/or core chips from the State Well Sample Library, please contact:     Ken Papp, Alaska Geologic Materials Center
      Division of Geological and Geophysical Surveys

      P O Box 772805
      Eagle River, AK 99577
      ph: (907) 696-0079
      fax:(907) 696-0078
    • Log Reproduction

      For reproduction of logs on file at the Commission, please contact:
          Service Business Printing
      323 E. Fireweed Ln.
      Anchorage, AK 99503
      ph: (907) 276-3004
      fax:(907) 279-3004