Alaska Department of Administration

Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission

The AOGCC’s statutes and regulations, found in Chapter 5 of Title 31 of the Alaska Statues and Title 20, Chapter 25 of Alaska’s Administrative Code, apply to all oil, gas, and geothermal wells drilled in the state. These statutes and regulations include stringent well construction requirements that are designed to protect underground sources of water and ensure mechanical integrity during production and injection operations. The AOGCC has completed an extensive rulemaking process and has finalized specific regulations governing hydraulic fracturing for conventional oil, gas, and geothermal development. These regulations are codified at 20 AAC 25.283 and are effective January 7, 2015. The AOGCC is required by statute to take extra measures to protect underground sources of drinking water in “nonconventional gas” operations, including hydraulic fracturing operations. Non-conventional gas includes coal bed methane and shale gas, both of which usually require production and disposal of significant amounts of water to establish and maintain gas flow.

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