Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commisssion - Area Injection Order 008.001

October 28, 1986


Re: Amend Rule 7 of Area Injection Order (AIO) No. 8

Mr. W. G. Smith
District Manager
Amoco Production Company
P. O. Box 100779
Anchorage, AK 99510-0779

Dear Mr. Smith:

The Commission has determined that Rule 7 of AIO No. 8 as set forth is unclear as to the Connnission's intent. Therefore, Rule 7 is amended to read:

Rule 7 Well Integrity Failure

Whenever operating pressure observations or pressure tests indicate pressure communication or leakage of any casing, tubing or packer, the operator must [IMMEDIATELY CEASE INJECTION,] notify the Commission on the first working day following the observation, [AND] obtain Commission approval [FOR CORRECTIVE ACTION] of a plan for corrective action, and when an USDW is not endangered, obtain Commission approval to continue injection.


C. V. Chatterton

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