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Anchorage, Alaska 99501-3192

Re: THE REQUEST OF STANDARD ) Conservation Order No. 216
for a waiver of Endicott )
Field Rules, Conservation ) Endicott Field
Order No. 202, Rule 4(b), ) Endicott Oil Pool
so that no conductor casing ) Duck Island Unit
will be required for all )
subsequent wells drilled )
in the Endicott Field. ) June 2, 1986


1. Standard Alaska Production Company, operator of the Duck Island Unit submitted a request, dated May 13, 1986, for a blanket waiver of Endicott Field rules, Conservation Order No. 202, September 20, 1984, Rule 4(b), Casing and Cementing Requirements, for all the remaining wells to be drilled in the Endicott Field, Duck Island Unit. The referenced rule requires that conductor casing be set and cemented at least 75 feet below the island surface for each well drilled.

2. Notice of the request was published in the Anchorage Times on May 16, 1986.

3. There were no protests to the requested waiver.


1. Structural casing has been driven to at least 75 feet below the island surface for all wells on the Main Production Island (MPI) and the Satellite Drilling Island (SDI).

2. The primary use of the conductor casing is for installation and use of a diverter system while drilling the hole for the Surface casing.

3. Following the drilling of one well on each island, the requirement for a diverter system on all future wells to be drilled from either the MPI and SDI was waived by letter dated April 25, 1986.

4. Development and service wells have been drilled from each island without indication of shallow surface gas.


A Conductor casing is no longer necessary to drill wells from either the MPI or the SDI.


Rule 4(b) of Conservation Order No. 202 is amended to read as follows:

Rule 4(b) Conductor casing to provide for proper anchorage shall be set at least 75 feet below the island surface and sufficient cement shall be used to fill the annulus behind the pipe to the island surface. Cement fill shall be verified by observation of cement returns. The cement may be washed out or displaced to a depth not exceeding the depth of the structural casing shoe to facilitate casing removal upon well abandonment.

All future development and service wells which are drilled from either the Main Production Island or the Satellite Drilling Island after June 2, 1986, need not have a conductor casing.

DONE at Anchorage, Alaska and dated June 2, 1986.

C. V. Chatterton, Chairman
Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission

Lonnie C. Smith, Commissioner
Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission

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