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Anchorage, Alaska 99501-3192

Re:THE APPLICATION OF ARCO ) Conservation Order No. 230
ALASKA, INC. requesting )
amendments to Rule 8 of ) Kuparuk River Field
Conservation Order No. 173. ) Kuparuk River Oil Pool
May 6, 1987


1. ARCO Alaska, Inc., by letter dated April 8, 1987, requested amendments to Rule 8 of Conservation Order No. 173.

2. Notice of public hearing was published in the Anchorage Daily News April 16, 1987.

3. No protests were filed with the Commission


1. Full field waterflood has been implemented in the Kuparuk River Oil Pool.

2. Accurate bottom-hole pressures may be attained from water injection wells using a pressure recording device at the surface during a fall-off test and the appropriate fluid gradient.


Reservoir pressure may be adequately monitored by use of data from fall-off tests of water injection wells.

NOW, THEREFORE, IT IS ORDERED THAT Rule 8 of Conservation Order No. 173 be repealed and re-enacted to read:

Rule 8 Pressure Surveys

(a) A bottom-hole pressure survey shall be taken on each well prior to initial sustained production.

(b) One well from each drill site will be designated a key well, and a bottom-hole pressure survey on this well shall be taken annually.

(c) Bottom-hole pressures obtained by a static buildup pressure survey, a 24-hour shut-in instantaneous test, a multiple flow rate test, or an injection fall-off test will be acceptable. Calculation of bottom-hole pressures from surface data will be permitted for water injection wells.

(d) Data from the surveys required in this rule shall be filed with the Commission by the last day of the month following each calendar quarter in which a survey is taken. Reservoir Pressure Report, Form 10-412, shall be utilized for all surveys with attachments for complete additional data. Data submitted shall include, but are not limited to, rate, pressure, time, depths, fluid gradient, temperature and other well conditions necessary for complete analysis of each survey being conducted. The Pool pressure datum plane shall be 6,200 feet subsea.

(e) Results and data from any special reservoir pressure monitoring techniques, tests or surveys shall also be submitted as prescribed in (d) of this rule.

(f) Upon application by the operator, the Commission in its discretion may administratively approve exceptions to this order.

DONE at Anchorage, Alaska, May 6, 1987.

C. V. Chatterton ,Chairman
Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission

Lonnie C. Smith, Commissioner
Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission

W. W. Barnwell, Commissioner
Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission

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