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Re:THE REQUEST OF ARCO ALASKA ) Conservation Order No. 276
INC. for amendments to Kuparuk River )
Oil Pool rules regarding key well ) Kuparuk River Field
pressure surveys and productivity ) Kuparuk River Oil Pool
profile requirements )
August 6, 1991


1. By correspondence dated June 10, 1991 ARCO Alaska, Inc. requested amendments to Rule 9 of Conservation Order No. 173 (CO 173) and Rule 8 of Conservation Order No. 230 (C0230).

2. Notice of public hearing pursuant to 20 AAC 25.540 was published in the Anchorage Daily News and the Anchorage Times on June 22,1991.

3. No protests were filed with the commission.


1. Full field waterflood development continues in the Kuparuk River Oil Pool(KROP).

2. Additional Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) methods are being utilized in portions of the KROP.

3. EOR operations affect well performance (i. e. water-oil-ratio and gas-oil ratio changes occur as a result of waterflood and miscible gas injection operations).

4. Rule 9 of CO 173 requires productivity profile surveys to be run in wells which exhibit rapid changes in performance.

5. Rule 8 of C0230 requires one well per drillsite be designated a key well and a pressure survey be taken annually.


1. Rapid changes resulting from EOR operations are normal events.

2. Wells which exhibit performance changes due to EOR operations need not be surveyed, as changes are expected and explainable.

3. Revising the key well pressure survey requirements to allow an annual survey for each pad rather than an individual designated well per pad will not reduce the number of surveys nor detract from the commission's ability to assess reservoir performance.

NOW, THEREFORE, IT IS ORDERED THAT Conservation Orders 173 and 230 be amended to read as follows:

RULE 1 Conservation Order No. 173, Rule 9(b) is amended to read:

Subsequent surveys shall be run in wells which exhibit uncharacteristic changes in performance. Subsequent surveys shall also be required in wells which have had remedial work performed to change the production profile unless the remedial work results in only one sand interval being open to the wellbore.

RULE 2 Conservation Order 230, Rule 8(b) is amended to read:

One bottom-hole pressure survey on a well from each drillsite shall be performed annually. The commission may require additional surveys as deemed necessary.

DONE at Anchorage, Alaska, August 6,199 1

David W. Johnston,Chairman
Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission

Russell A. Douglass, Commissioner
Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission

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