3001 Porcupine Drive
Anchorage, Alaska 99501-3192

Re: THE REQUEST of BP EXPLORATION        ) Conservation Order No. 399
    (ALASKA) INC., for an order
    waiving Endicott Field Rules,
    Conservation Order No. 202,
    Rule 6(a).
                                                                      August 5, 1997

1. BP Exploration (Alaska) Inc., operator of Duck Island Unit,
   submitted a request received June 30, 1997 to waive the
   requirement of Endicott Field Rules, Conservation Order
   No. 202 (CO #202), Rule 6(a), Pressure Surveys, for all
   remaining wells to be drilled in the Endicott Field, Duck
   Island Unit.

2.Notice of the request was published in the Anchorage Daily
  News on July 18, 1997.

3.No protests were filed with the Commission.


1. Rule 6(a) requires a pressure survey be taken on each well
   prior to regular production.

2. Rule 6(c) and 6(d) require annual pressure surveys in each
   governmental section and a key well pressure program to monitor
   reservoir pressure in the pool.

3. A pressure survey in each new well may or may not be useful
   for reservoir management purposes depending on where the
   survey is taken in the reservoir.

4. Results and analysis of pressure monitoring have been
   presented annually to the AOGCC.

5. Changes to the key well program have been proposed and
   approved on occasion to meet needs of reservoir management
   and to accommodate problems in a particular well.

6. Over 650 pressure surveys have been conducted in the
   Endicott pool sine 1986.  The operator has averaged
   approximately 60 surveys per year.


1. Pressure data for reservoir management purposes should
   be acquired in wells and subzones throughout the
   reservoir where appropriate to answer questions and
   plan efficient development.

2. Pressure data from the Endicott Pool key well program is
   reported regularly and is subject to annual review by
   the Commission.

3. Rule 6(c) and Rule 6(d) are sufficient to provide pressure
   data for reservoir management purposes.

4. Waiving the requirement of Rule 6(a) to measure reservoir
   pressure in each new well will not cause waste or jeopardize
   correlative rights.


Rule 6(a) of  Conservation Order 202 is hereby repealed.

DONE at Anchorage, Alaska and dated August 5, 1997.

David W. Johnston, Chairman
Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission

Robert N. Christenson, P.E., Commissioner
Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission

Conservation Order 399
August 5, 1997

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