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Anchorage, Alaska 99501-3192
Re:  REQUEST BY MARATHON OIL             )   Disposal Injection Order No. 4     
      COMPANY to dispose of                        )
      non-hazardous oil field                            )   Beaver Creek Unit
      wastes by underground                          )   Beaver Creek Field
      injection in well Beaver                          )
      Creek Unit (BCU) 2,                              )
      Beaver Creek Field.                              )
                                                                      June 1, 1987

1. Marathon Oil Company (Marathon) requested on May 4, 1987 the Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission to authorize the use of well BCU 2 as a disposal well in the Beaver Creek Unit, Beaver Creek Field. Marathon will inject non-hazardous waste fluids generated by normal drilling and production operations.

2. Notice of an opportunity for a public hearing on June 16, 1987 was published in the Anchorage Daily News on May 15, 1987.

3. No protest or request for a public hearing was timely filed. Accordingly, the Commission will, in its discretion, issue an order without a public hearing.


1. All aquifers below 1650 feet within the Beaver Creek Field, and one-quarter (1/4) mile beyond, are exempted under 40 CFR 147.102 (b) (l) (B) for Class II: injection activities.

2. Permeable strata, that will accept injected fluids, are present below 2261 feet in well BCU 2.

3. A series of confining strata are present above 2261 feet in well BCU 2 that will prevent upward movement of the injected waste fluids into non-exempt aquifers.

4. The strata into which fluids are to be injected will accept fluids at injection pressures which are less than the fracture pressure of the confining strata.

5. To ensure that waste fluids are confined to injection strata, the mechanical integrity of BCU 2 will be demonstrated periodically and monitored routinely for disclosure of possible abnormalities in operating conditions.

6. BCU 2 is constructed in conformance with the requirements of 20 AAC 25.412.


The stratigraphic sequence present in the well bore and maintenance of the mechanical integrity of BCU 2 will prevent movement of injected fluids into non-exempt aquifers.


Non-hazardous oil field waste fluids may be injected in conformance with Alaska Administrative Code Title 20, Chapter 25, for the purpose of disposal into the Sterling formation below the measured depth of 2261 feet in well BCU 2.

DONE at Anchorage, Alaska, and dated June 1, 1987.

C.V. Chatterton, Chairman
Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission

Lonnie C. Smith, Commissioner
Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission

W. W. Barnwell, Commissioner
Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission

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