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Enforcements and Violations

Date Files Operator Description
Other Order 120 ConocoPhillips Alaska Inc. Failure to Test Safety Valve Systems
Other Order 119 Eni US Operating Co. Inc. Failure to submit Annual Surveillance Report
Other Order 113 Hilcorp Alaska, LLC Ninilchik Unit Bartolowits Pad
Docket No. OTH-16-018 ConocoPhillips Alaska, Inc. KRU 1A-pad
Docket No. OTH-16-017 BlueCrest Alaska Operating LLC Cosmopolitan Field
Docket No. OTH-16-014 BLM Alaska Iko Bay #1
Other Order 109 Hilcorp Alaska, LLC MPU I-03
Docket No. OTH-16-010 BLM Alaska Failure to Tag Cement
Docket No. OTH-16-009 BLM Alaska Failure to use BOPE
Docket No. OTH-16-006 BP Exploration (Alaska), Inc. Unapproved Delay for Testing SVS
Docket No. OTH-15-038 Hilcorp Alaska, LLC B-14 and B-15 and Nikolaevsk Red #1
Docket No. OTH-15-036 Hilcorp Alaska, LLC Ninilchik Bartolowits Pad
Docket No. OTH-15-037 Aurora Gas, LLC Safety Valve System Testing
Docket No. OTH-15-032 Hilcorp Alaska, LLC Beaver Creek 24 & 25
Docket No. OTH-15-031 Hilcorp Alaska, LLC Nordic Rig 3
Docket No. OTH-15-030 Hilcorp Alaska, LLC Hilcorp Rig ASR1
Docket No. OTH-15-029 Hilcorp Alaska, LLC Nordic Rig 3
Docket No. OTH-15-028 ConocoPhillips Alaska, Inc. Meltwater Oil Pool
Docket No. OTH-15-025 Hilcorp Alaska, LLC Hilcorp Rig ASR1
Docket No. OTH-15-024 Hilcorp Alaska, LLC Failed Gas Detection System
Other Order 107 Great Bear Petroleum Operating, LLC Alkaid 1
Other Order 104 Linc Energy Operations, Inc. Tyex-01, Tyex-01X, Keex-0
Other Order 103 University of Fairbanks, ACEP PS 13-1, PTD 213-102
Other Order 102 Cook Inlet Energy, LLC Sword #1
Docket No. OTH-15-017 Hilcorp Alaska, LLC KDU #1
Other Order 101 Caelus Energy Alaska, LLC Oooguruk Unit ODSN-27
Docket No. OTH-13-040 Cook Inlet Energy, LLC Sword #1
Other Order 100 Cook Inlet Energy, LLC Redoubt Unit 3
Other Order 89 BP Exploration (Alaska), Inc. Milne PT Unit SB G-19
Other Order 81 ConocoPhillips Alaska, Inc. Kuparuk River Unit 3Q-16
Other Order 80 Hilcorp Alaska, LLC Soldotna Creek Unit 44-33
Other Order 63 Pioneer Natural Resources Alaska, Inc. Oooguruk Unit ODSK-38
Enforcement Aurora Gas, LLC Three Mile Creek Gas Release
Other Order 46 Forest Oil Corporation Redoubt Unit D1
Other Order 44 Forest Oil Corporation Kustatan 1
Other Order 39 Unocal M-19RD
Other Order 38 Aurora Gas, LLC Waste Determination
Other Order 36 ConocoPhillips Alaska, Inc. CRU CD1-19A
Other Order 42 Unocal TBU G-16
Other Order 35 BP Exploration (Alaska), Inc. SVS Performance
Other Order 34 Nabors Alaska Drilling, Inc. Rig 9ES
Other Order 33 ConocoPhillips Alaska, Inc. 1D-39
Other Order 32 BP Exploration (Alaska), Inc. H-11
Other Order 29 BP Exploration (Alaska), Inc. A-22
Other Order 26 Unocal Baker Platform, Middle Ground Shoal Field
Other Order 15 GRI, Inc. Houston 1, 2, 3, 4, and 22
Enforcement ARCO Alaska, Inc. CPF3 Flaring
Enforcement BP Exploration (Alaska), Inc. GC2, S-pad, and M-pad Incidents
Enforcement ARCO Alaska, Inc. 5-23 Oil Spill
Other Order 106 Stewart Petroleum Co. West McArthur Unit 2
Enforcement Conoco Inc. Milne Point Flaring
Enforcement Atlantic Richfield Company DS4 13
Penalty Payments to be Assessed for Loss of Hydrocarbons ARCO Alaska, Inc. and Shell NGI 7