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BP Exploration (Alaska) Inc. ceased reporting condensate for Prudhoe Bay after June 2014 due to the fact that the negotiated reserve of condensate in the gas cap was totally depleted on June 8, 2014. Condensate continues to be produced, but by AOGCC statutes (AS 31.05.170(9)) condensates are considered oil for reporting purposes. Beginning in July 2014 condensates are included in the reported oil volume.

Monthly Production Reports:

Includes Oil, Gas, NGL, Enhanced Recovery, Disposal, and Injection Storage. Not all months may contain Injection Storage. As of the February 2009 report, information will be given in "xls"/"xlsx" format only. Totals must be calculated after download, and users may notice a change in formatting.

  • March 2015 Production: xlsx
  • February 2015 Production: xlsx
  • January 2015 Production: xlsx
  • December 2014 Production: xlsx
  • November 2014 Production: xlsx
  • October 2014 Production: xlsx
  • September 2014 Production: xls
  • August 2014 Production: xls
  • July 2014 Production: xls
  • June 2014 Production: xls
  • May 2014 Production: xls
  • April 2014 Production: xls
  • March 2014 Production: xls
  • February 2014 Production: xls
  • January 2014 Production: xls
  • December 2013 Production: xls
  • November 2013 Production: xls
  • October 2013 Production: xls
  • September 2013 Production: xls
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