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What do I do if I have a complaint / grievance about a GAL or CASA?

A person who has a complaint regarding the performance of a GAL may present the complaint to the GAL's supervisor. The supervisor will attempt to resolve complaints informally by phone or through a meeting with the complainant. If a complaint cannot be resolved informally, the supervisor may request a written complaint.

Upon receipt of a signed, written complaint regarding the performance of a GAL, the supervisor will promptly conduct an investigation into the merits of the complaint. The supervisor shall prepare a written response describing the nature of the complaint, the nature and extent of the investigation conducted, and any action taken. A copy of the response shall be provided to the person making the complaint, the GAL, and the Public Advocate.

While contract GALs are not supervised by OPA staff, OPA is responsible for investigating complaints regarding contract GALs. If you have a complaint about a contract GAL, you may contact the supervising attorney in the regional office in the GAL's area. If you have a complaint about a CASA, please contact the CASA volunteer's mentor or the CASA Program coordinator in your area.