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Anchorage Staff


900 W 5th Ave. Ste. 525
Anchorage, Alaska  99501

Child Advocacy Line: (907) 334-2678
Fax: (907) 269-3535


Anita Alves

Supervising Attorney

Shannan Mustacci Guardian ad Litem
Corey Gillespie Guardian ad Litem
Becky Griffin Guardian ad Litem, Anchorage CASA Volunteer Coordinator
Sarah Hanson Guardian ad Litem, Anchorage CASA Volunteer Coordinator
Susan Heuer Guardian ad Litem
Shawn McConnell Guardian ad Litem
Paul McDermott Attorney Guardian ad Litem
Marika Athens Attorney Guardian ad Litem
Jessica Pierson Guardian ad Litem
LeeAnn Reicks Guardian ad Litem, CASA Program Statewide Director
Marsha Tandeske Guardian ad Litem
Lisa Wilson Attorney Guardian ad Litem
Stephanie Schulling Guardian ad Litem
Anthony Hernandez Guardian ad Litem

Support Staff

Cherise Chong Law Office Assistant I
Heather Eikmeier Law Office Assistant II