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Minor (Child) Guardianship

Delegation of Powers by Parent

Parents can delegate their parental rights to another person through the Delegation of Powers by Parent or Guardian (pdf) form. The delegation can be revoked by the parents at any time for any reason, as indicated in Alaska Statute (AS 13.26.066); no court action is required.

Minor Guardianships

The court may appoint a guardian for a minor child if appointing a guardian in place of a parent would be in the minor’s best interests and parental rights have been terminated or suspended by circumstances or prior court order.  Alaska Statutes 13.26.101-.186 address guardians for minors.  Guardianship of a minor is valid until the minor’s eighteenth birthday. 

To petition the court for appointment of a guardian for a minor you may:

  • Hire your own attorney;
  • Use the Lawyer Referral Service to find an experienced guardianship attorney (272-0352, Anchorage, or 800-770-9999, outside Anchorage).
  • Request an attorney at no cost or reduced cost through the Alaska Legal Services Corporation office closest to you if you have limited income (272-9431, Anchorage, or 1-800-478-9431, outside of Anchorage). Alaska Legal Services will determine your eligibility and conduct a screening before determining whether they can take your case.
  • File guardianship paperwork yourself using forms available through the Alaska Court System on Self-Help Services: Guardian & Conservatorship.


Adoption occurs when an adult assumes, through a formal court proceeding, legal and all other responsibilities for a child, creating a permanent parent-child relationship. The biological parents legal rights are terminated either before or as part of the adoption proceeding.

The Alaska Court System in the Self-Help Center: Family Law has court forms for adoption by a stepparent. These forms can be used when the mother, the father and the stepparent all agree to the adoption.

If you are not the child's stepparent or the biological parent is contesting the adoption petition, you will need to consult with an attorney to file a case. Please see the Minor Guardianship section (above) for suggestions on how to obtain an attorney. In addition, see the court rules for adoption cases from the Alaska Court System website.