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Index of Guardianship Statutes

This may help you locate a specific statute. In this index the following abbreviations apply: G=Guardian; C=Conservator; and PG=Public Guardian. All statute links will open in a separate window. Please select a term from the drop-down list below to view the associated statutes.

Abandon Assets AS 13.26.280(c)(7)
Acceptance of Appointment, C AS 13.26.225
Acceptance of Appointment, G AS 13.26.115
Accounts, C AS 13.26.255
Advanced Payments, C AS 13.26.285(a)(4)
Attorney, Duties & Powers, G AS 13.26.111
Attorney, G AS 13.26.106(b)
Bankruptcy, C AS 13.26.280(c)(24)
Bond, C AS 13.26.215
& AS 13.26.220
Bond, PG AS 13.26.215(b)
Building Repairs, C AS 13.26.280(c)(8)
Businesses, C AS 13.26.280(c)(3)
C, to Personal Representative AS 13.26.285(e)
Care, C AS 13.26.285
Change in Power, C AS 13.26.290
Charitable Gifts, C AS 13.26.285(a)(4)(b)
Claim Against Protected Person, C AS 13.26.300
Community Ties AS 13.26.116(b)(3)(B)
Confidentiality, G AS 13.26.013
Conflict of Interest, C AS 13.26.270
Consolidation of, G & C AS 13.26.010
Cost of Proceedings, G AS 13.26.131
Costs, C AS 13.26.230
Costs, PG AS 13.26.410
Court Procedures After Petition Filed AS 13.26.106
Court Visitor AS 13.26.106(c)
Court Visitor Report, G AS 13.26.108
Creditor Prohibited AS 13.26.145(b)
Dealing with, C AS 13.26.275
Death, C AS 13.26.235
& AS 13.26.285(a)(4)(e)
Death, G AS 13.26.120
Death, Life-Saving AS 13.26.150(e)(3)
Definitions AS 13.26.005
Delegation of Power AS 13.26.020
Dependents, C AS 13.26.280(c)(22)
& AS 13.26.285(a)(3)
Distributive Duties, C AS 13.26.285
Divorce, G AS 13.26.150(e)(8)
Driver's License, G AS 13.26.150(e)(7)
Duties of, C AS 13.26.245
Education, C AS 13.26.285
Emergency (Temporary) AS 13.26.140
& AS 13.26.141
Employee, C AS 13.26.280(c)(23)
Estate, Review, C AS 13.26.255
Evaluation, G AS 13.26.109
Expert Report, G AS 13.26.106c
Fees, PG AS 13.26.410
Foreign, C AS 13.26.315
& AS 13.26.320
Full, G AS 13.26.113(a)(6)(f)
G, Does C, if None Appointed AS 13.26.150(c)(6)
General Public Education AS 13.26.380(c)(5-7)
& AS 13.26.360
Guardian Ad Litem AS 13.26.112
Guardian for Self AS 13.26.105
Hearing Scheduled, G AS 13.26.106(a)
Hearing, C AS 13.26.195
Hearing, G AS 13.26.113
Hearings Combined for, G & C AS 13.26.010
Hospitalization, G AS 13.26.141
Implementation Report, G AS 13.26.117
Incapacity, C AS 13.26.200(5)
Incapacity, G AS 13.26.113(b)
Individual Liability of, C AS 13.26.305
Institution for the Mentally Ill, G AS 13.26.150(e)(1)
Insurance, C AS 13.26.280(c)(17)
Insurance, G AS 13.26.116(b)(5)
Interested Person, C AS 13.26.190
Intervention by, PG AS 13.26.390
Inventory & Records, C AS 13.26.250
Jury Trial AS 13.26.113(a)(6)
Jury Trial, Temporary, G AS 13.26.140
Letters of, C AS 13.26.265
Liability, C AS 13.26.305
Liability, G AS 13.26.150(c)
Loans, C AS 13.26.280(c)(18)
Marriage, G AS 13.26.150(e)(8)
Minor, C, at Age of Majority AS 13.26.285(a)(4)(c)
Minors, G AS 13.26.030-.085
Natural Resources, C AS 13.26.280(c)(11)
Notice of Hearing AS 13.26.135
Notice, C AS 13.26.185
& AS 13.06.110
Notice, G AS 13.26.135
& AS 13.06.110
Office of Public Advocacy, PG AS 13.26.370
Order of Paying Bills, C AS 13.26.300(c)
Order, C AS 13.26.200
Order, G AS 13.26.116
Permissible Court Orders, C AS 13.26.200
Petition for Subsequent Orders AS 13.26.240
Petition Requirements, G AS 13.26.105
Petitions, C AS 13.26.180
PG, Charge Fees AS 13.26.410
PG, Delegate Responsibilities AS 13.26.380(d)
PG, Find Private, G AS 13.26.380(b)
PG, Visit Ward, G AS 13.26.380(c)(2)
Power of Attorney, G & C AS 13.26.356
Powers & Duties, G AS 13.26.150
& AS 13.26.145
Powers & Duties, PG AS 13.26.380
Powers of, C AS 13.26.280
Preservation of Estate Plan, C AS 13.26.295
Priorities for Appointment, C AS 13.26.210
Priorities for Appointment, G AS 13.26.145
Proceedings, C AS 13.26.165
& AS 13.26.170
Protective Arrangements / Single
Transactions, C
AS 13.26.205
Psychotropic Medications, G AS 13.26.114
Purpose, PG AS 13.26.360
Qualifications of Court Visitors AS 13.26.005(9)
Real Estate, C AS 13.26.280(c)(7)
& AS 13.26.280(c)(9)
Removal, C AS 13.26.235
Removal, G AS 13.26.120
& AS 13.26.125
Report, Court Visitor AS 13.26.108
Reports, Accounts AS 13.26.255
Reports, Implementation, G AS 13.26.117
Reports, Inventory, C AS 13.26.250
Reports, Other (Annual), G AS 13.26.118
Request for Change, G AS 13.26.125
Respondent Attend Hearing, G AS 13.26.113(a)(5)
Respondent Costs AS 13.26.131(b)
Respondent's Rights AS 13.26.107
& AS 13.26.113
Sealed Records AS 13.26.013(b)
Service Provider Prohibited AS 13.26.145(b)
Special, C AS 13.26.205(c)
Staff, PG AS 13.26.400
Standards, C AS 13.26.245
Stock, C AS 13.26.280(c)(15)
Surgery, G AS 13.26.150(e)(2) & (4)
Taxes, C AS 13.26.280(c)(20)
Temporary (Emergency), G AS 13.26.140
& AS 13.26.141
Terminate, C AS 13.26.235
& AS 13.26.310
Terminate, G AS 13.26.120
& AS 13.26.125
Terms, G AS 13.26.005
Testamentary, C AS 13.26.095
Three Year Reviews AS 13.26.118
Title, C AS 13.26.260
Venue (Which Court), G AS 13.26.100
Venue, C AS 13.26.175
Venue, Subsequent Proceedings AS 13.26.155
Veterans' Administration, G AS 13.26.105(d)
Voting, G AS 13.26.150(e)(6)
Waive Fees, PG AS 13.26.410(a)
Who may be Appointed, G AS 13.26.145
Who may be Appointed, C AS 13.26.210
Will (Testamentary) AS 13.26.095
Will, Change AS 13.26.200(4)