State of Alaska

Department of Administration

Violent Crimes Compensation Board

Alaska Department of Administration, Violent Crimes Compensation Board


Claimants must submit invoices or receipts where applicable to support their request for compensation, or estimates of costs to be incurred.

What Costs May be Paid?

  • Medical care needed for victim's injuries
  • Counseling
  • Transportation to medical and counseling services
  • Wages lost as a direct result of the crime injuries
  • Criminal proceeding attendance costs not paid by other sources such as transportation, lodging, food, and lost wages
  • Security measures such as new locks, motion lights, monitored systems, cell phone, temporary mailbox, and dog training
  • Loss of support for dependents of deceased victims
  • Funeral and burial costs for homicide victims
  • Replacement of doors, locks and windows

What May Not Be Paid?

  • Pain and suffering
Property loss and damage (other than medically necessary items e.g. eyeglasses, or repairs needed for security).