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Child Victims of Sexual or Physical Abuse

Short Description

The Board will consider reimbursing transportation costs for a child victim to travel to a Child Advocacy Center for a forensic interview and/or medical evaluation. The Board may also consider compensating medical, behavioral health and/or forensic costs, if not covered by other sources of payment.


Adopted 2-3-2010

In cases of suspected child sexual or physical abuse, the Board will consider reimbursing the costs of transporting the child victim to a Child Advocacy Center in order to undergo a forensic interview and/or forensic medical evaluation. In all cases the alleged crime must have been reported to the appropriate law enforcement agency. Where insurance or other sources of payment are not available to cover the costs of the evaluation or crisis intervention/behavioral health services, the Board may also award medical/forensic costs and behavioral health service costs to the Child Advocacy Center for these services to the victim.