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Crisis Intervention/Transitional Assistance (CITA)


Adopted 4-14-08

Amended 11-3-09

If merited, the Board may award up to $5,000 in crisis intervention/transitional assistance costs.  Costs covered through this policy are those items necessary to meet a person’s basic needs such as the need for food, shelter, and safety.  In addition, the award is meant to cover these costs for a short period of time during the crisis intervention and/or transitional assistance phase. 

The funds are primarily used to facilitate the transition from shelter to independent living and may cover the costs of transitional housing, local transportation to get to job training and social service agencies, a cell phone, basic essentials, job training costs, and/or food.  The award may include the costs for case management sessions.

An award under this policy differs from awards made under the Relocation and/or Re-establishment policies in specific ways.  First, an award under this policy may be made even if the person was homeless at the time of the violent crime.  Second, an award under this policy may be made on behalf of domestic violence victims who have lost their housing due to the loss of an offender’s support.  Third, an award under this policy does not require evidence of the need for a victim to relocate for their own safety or for the safety of those in their care.