State of Alaska

Department of Administration

Violent Crimes Compensation Board

Alaska Department of Administration, Violent Crimes Compensation Board

Claim Closure


Adopted 10-24-10


Claims may be administratively closed before ever being adjudicated by the Board, primarily because the claimant does not respond to requests for information, or because contact is lost with a claimant - i.e. they move without providing a forwarding address or contact details.  A claim that has been administratively closed can be re-opened at the claimant's request.  The Board wants to limit the window within which a claim can be re-opened.


Claims that have been administratively closed for failure to provide information or due to loss of contact with the claimant may be re-opened at the claimant's request at any time up to 2 years after the date of closure.  Older claims may only be re-opened in exceptional circumstances.