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Counseling and Collateral Sources

Mental Health Treatment Awards and Indian Health Services/Medicaid


Adopted 4-29-2012

In circumstances where the Board has reasonable grounds to believe that federally or state funded mental health counseling resources are likely to be inadequate or impractical, the Board may pay for more expeditious and comprehensive counseling via a private provider.


The board is often asked to pay for private counseling for Alaska native children. Where other sources of funding for counseling are available (e.g. IHS and Medicaid), those resources should be looked to first. However, the Board recognizes that victims of crime may have counseling needs that for whatever reason cannot adequately be met by the local native facility or other service providers. This may be due to waiting lists, lack of available appointment times, distance, or, in the case of Medicaid, difficulty in finding a provider who will accept Medicaid payments.