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Emergency Awards

Short Description

If a claim appears to be eligible for compensation and a claimant would suffer undue hardship if assistance were not provided, the Board may award up to $5000 in emergency assistance.


Adopted 9-27-06

Legislative Revision Effective 9-1-10

Utilizing statutory discretion, if it appears to the Board, prior to taking action on an application, that the claim is one for which compensation is likely, and undue hardship would result to the applicant if immediate payment is not made, the Board may make an emergency award of compensation to the applicant and/or their service provider pending a final decision. However, the amount of the emergency compensation may not exceed $5000.00 per applicant. The amount of the emergency compensation shall be deducted from the final compensation made to the applicant and the excess of the amount of the emergency compensation over the final amount awarded shall be repaid by the applicant to the Board.

Emergency awards shall be limited to verifiable lost wages, counseling only when payments are made directly to the service provider, relocation costs, and security measures if/when relocation assistance is not requested. The Board will not consider awarding medical costs through emergency awards.