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Limits on Trial Attendance Costs


On 4-13-06 the Board adopted a policy of compensating actual and reasonable
losses associated with trial attendance as funding allowed. In recent years, the
total payments for trial attendance costs have increased significantly.
Accordingly, the Board finds it has to impose certain limits on the overall
amounts that may be awarded.


The Board may pay the following expenses associated with trial attendance:
airfare, ground transportation, lodging and loss of wages for the victim or
immediate family members only. Immediate family members are defined as
spouse, domestic partner, parent(s), or children*. Meal expenses will be
reimbursed only on production of receipts, up to a maximum of $50 per day
where the travelers are staying in hotel accommodation. Travelers will be
required to share hotel rooms wherever possible. The same principles will
apply to bail hearings or sentencing hearings as applicable. The Board will not pay for attendance at interlocutory, procedural hearings such as calendar calls, omnibus hearings and evidentiary hearings.

* In exceptional circumstances, the Board may pay travel expenses for
someone other than an immediate family member who wishes to attend trial
as a support to the victim

Policy History

Adopted 7-12-2012
Amended 5-1-2015