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Limits on Lost Wages


The Board has received a number of claims where the claimant has taken an extended absence of leave from work because of emotional trauma and/or grief, but has not submitted a medical justification for the amount of time taken off.


Provided the claimant submits verification of crime-related personal leave from their employer the Board may pay up to one week's worth of lost wages without requiring a medical opinion, if, in the opinion of the Board, such leave appears reasonable. In cases of homicide, this will be extended to two weeks. If the leave of absence continues beyond one week (or two, if applicable), whether due to physical injury or impairment, emotional trauma, or grief, the Board will require the claimant to submit a Medical Information Form submitted by their medical provider (in cases of physical impairment) or mental health counselor (in cases of stress or emotional trauma). If a Medical Information Form is not submitted, the Board will limit awards for loss of wages to a maximum of 1 or 2 weeks, as applicable. These limits may be extended, at the Board's discretion, if the circumstances warrant it.

Policy History

Adopted 12/18/2012

Revised 2/5/2015