State of Alaska

Department of Administration

Violent Crimes Compensation Board

Alaska Department of Administration, Violent Crimes Compensation Board


Adopted 6-10-09

Revised 1/8/2012

Short Description

A victim must start to use pre-approved counseling funds within 3 months of award. All other pre-approved funds have a 6 month time limit.


In order to ensure that existing funds are not exhausted, the Board will impose a time limit within which a victim must start to use the pre-approved funds. For counseling funds, this will be 3 months from the date of award. For all other types of expense, this will be 6 months from the date of award. If there are funds remaining at the expiration of the time limit, the balance will be released into the VCCB award fund pool, to be used to compensate other victims and the claim will be closed. A claimant who wishes to continue to use pre-approved funds after the time limit has expired must apply to the Board for their claim to be reopened and for additional consideration for a further award.