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Short Description

In addition to $5,000 in relocation funds, the Board may award up to $2,500 in additional funds to help Alaskan families recover after victimization.


Adopted 7-12-99

Based on AS 18.67, the Violent Crimes Compensation Board may award reestablishment costs based on the financial stability of the claimant's household prior to the incident in the claim provided all of the following apply:

  1. All other eligibility criteria is met;
  2. The level of household income prior to the incident in the claim can be established with verifiable documentation;
  3. The financial dependency of any dependents included in the reestablishment plan can be established with verifiable documentation and all requirements under AS 18.67 to establish dependency and relationships have been met;
  4. It is determined by the Board to be in the claimant's and, if applicable, claimant's dependent's best interest to relocate; and
  5. The claimant is advised that an award made under this provision is meant to be of short-term help.