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Violent Crimes Compensation Board

Alaska Department of Administration, Violent Crimes Compensation Board



When considering requests for relocation, the Board takes multiple matters into consideration in order to determine whether or not the request is reasonable, including level of risk to personal safety, the ability of the claimant to support themselves, whether or not the claimant has cooperated with the investigation and has made efforts to ensure no further injury at the hands of the offender, and alternatives to relocation such as security measures and counseling.


  1. The Board will consider relocating an eligible crime victim in the following situations:
    1. where there is a credible threat to the victim’s personal safety;
    2. where a mental health counselor has specifically recommended relocation as a means to promote emotional healing and recovery; or
    3. where the victim has been or is at risk of eviction as a direct result of the crime (this may include situations where the crime occurred in the residence or where because of the offender’s removal from the home, the victim can no longer keep up with rent payments); however if eviction is due to previous delinquency on rent payments, the Board may take this into account in making a determination on the request for relocation.

    Other situations may be considered on a case by case basis.

    In all cases, the victim is encouraged to consider security measures as an alternative to relocation, and to seek counseling.

  2. Payment for relocation is limited to $5,000 per victim (1)
    • Actual moving costs (airfare, U-haul rental, professional moving services) . Within that cap, the Board will consider the following types of expenses:
    • Security deposit
    • Rent up to $2,000 or two months’ rent, whichever is less, – but only if the victim can establish that they have sufficient income to maintain rental payments after the first two months
    • Shipping of personal effects up to $2,500 only.
    • Storage unit expense limited to 2 months only.

    The Board will not purchase new furniture, clothing, household goods or personal effects in any but the most exceptional circumstances.

    Relocation expenses can be paid one time only.

(1) Additional assistance exceeding $5,000 may be awarded in exceptional circumstances such as where a large family is relocating out of state.

Adopted: 4-1-13