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State of Alaska Employee
Identification Card

DMV issues State of Alaska Employee Identification cards to state employees. Applicants for an Employee ID must have a current Alaska driver license or ID card and must provide a completed application with departmental approval.

The Application For State of Alaska Employee Identification Card (Form 479) must be completed in full using the applicants profile found with an advanced search of the Employee Directory.

Applications should be emailed to and will be processed within one week. A paper temporary will be emailed back and the ID card will arrive at the employee’s mailing address on record in 2 – 4 weeks.

Keys points for a successful application:

  • Must be signed by Department Approver with their printed name
  • Must be dated within 90 days by the time it’s submitted
  • Have the employee ensure their address is updated with the DMV prior to submitting the form. They can update their address here in the Establish Your Identity section