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Non-U.S. Citizen Eligibility

Attention all visiting and resident Non-U.S. Citizens: 

Beginning Monday May 22, 2017, in accordance with Alaska Statute 28.15.101(d), the Alaska DMV may issue a driver’s license and/or identification card with a duration of less than 5 years to match the expiration date of your authorized stay in the United States. All document used must be valid and unexpired.

DMV will use the federal Systematic Alien Verification for Entitlements (SAVE) Program to verify your immigration information.  Upon application for an original or renewal of your Alaska Driver’s license or ID card, please be prepared to present your immigration documents issued by the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services branch of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (USCIS/DHS).

If you have become a U.S. Citizen since your last Alaska driver’s license or identification card was issued, please bring your unexpired U.S. Passport or Passport Card, or Certificate of Naturalization.

For detailed information on how to update or obtain duplicate immigration status or citizenship documents please visit,

For information on updating or applying for a U.S. Passport or Passport card please visit,

For classes requiring an I-94, you must visit to print a copy to include with your application.


NOTE: All documents used must be valid and unexpired. Please check your documents carefully before applying. Proof of SSN may be required dependent on status. Additional documentation may be required, please visit your local DMV office if you have questions.

Am I eligible for and Alaska License, Permit, or ID card?

Remember only valid, non-expired documents may be accepted.

If you do not see your admittance class, are unsure of your eligibility or for additional information please visit your local DMV.


A duplicate license may be obtained if you obtained your last license or ID card at an Alaska DMV office.  Please visit our duplicate page for details.


In-person renewal is required to verify immigration documents and status, or to verify proof of U.S. citizenship upon becoming a U.S. citizen.  Please visit your local DMV office or DMV business partner for assistance.


Resident Aliens  
Permanent Resident  One of the following: valid I-551 Resident Alien Card, valid Passport stamped "Approved/processed I-551", valid Passport with Re-entry permit I-327, valid Passport with I-94 stamped "processed for I-551"
Employment Authorized  
Refugee or Asylee One of the following: valid Employment Authorization Document I-688B or I-766, valid Refugee Travel Document I-571, valid Passport with I-94 stamped as Refugee/Asylee
Marshall Islands, Micronesia, Palau No visa required, must have Social Security card, valid Passport and valid I-94
Employment Authorized, (Parolee, conditional entrant, lawful temporary resident, temporary protected status, adjustment of status, etc.) Immigration status document indicating status, and one of the following: valid Employment Authorization Document I-688B or I-766, valid passport
F-1 / F-2 / F-3 Valid Passport, US Visa, most current I-94, and SEVIS or DS-2019 Form
Must be from a school / organization in Alaska
J-1 / J-2
M-1 / M-2
Non-Resident Aliens (Visitors) Admittance class  
Valid Passport, US Visa, most current I-94
B-1 / B-2
E-1 / E-2
G-2 / G-3 / G-4 / G-5
H1B / H1C / H2A / H2B
H-2 / H-3 / H-4
K-1 / K-2 / K-3 / K-4
L-1A / L-1B / Spouse or Child of
NATO 1-7
N-8 / N-9
O-1 / O-2 / O-3
P-1 / P-2 / P-3 / P-4
Q-1 / Q-2 / Q-3
R-1 / R-2
TN1 / TN2 / TD
V-1 / V-2 / V-3

NOT Eligible

If you hold one of the following classes you are Not eligible for a license, permit, or state ID card. You may apply upon being issued/granted an eligible admittance class.

A-1 Ambassador, public minister, career diplomatic of consular officer, or immediate family
A-2 Other foreign government officer or employee or immediate family
C-1 Alien in transit through the U.S.
C-2 Alien in transit to UN HQ district.  Travel limited to 25 mile radius of Columbus Circle in New York City
C-3 Foreign government official coming to UN, immediate family, attendants, servants, or other personal employees of official transit through the U.S.
C-4 Transit without visa (TWOV)
D-1 Alien crewmen
D-2 Crew-member departing by means other than arriving vessel
G-1 Principal resident representative of a recognized foreign government to an international organization, staff, or immediate family
WT/WB Temporary Visa Waiver

SAVE Not Verified?

If SAVE cannot immediately verify your status, or if you are eligible for a license, ID, or permit, you will be given a SAVE “Fact Sheet for Benefit Applicants” and provided the opportunity to update or correct your documents before reapplying.

The SAVE case # will be recorded the on the “Fact Sheet for Benefit Applicants”. You can use the public SAVE Case Check site to check the status of the case to see if you are eligible before returning to DMV.

Revised August 18, 2021 16:45