From:                                             Crum, Adam R (HSS)

Sent:                                               Saturday, March 21, 2020 11:21 AM

Subject:                                         Anchorage "Hunker Down" Order - SOA Employee Guidance


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State of Alaska Employees:


The Municipality of Anchorage issued a “Hunker Down” Order on Friday March 20, 2020. This has led to confusion for State of Alaska (SOA) employees about where to report on Monday March 23, 2020. Please note the highlighted section of 5(c) from the order:


5. Critical businesses (to include non-profit and other entities) include:

c. Critical Government Functions, meaning all services needed to ensure the continuing operation of the government agencies and provide for the health, safety, and welfare of the public. Federal and State of Alaska employees should follow direction of their employer regarding whether and where to report to work;


State agencies must continue to provide services to the public in this time of need.


Agencies have been working to promote the use of telework options where appropriate. State offices have also been finding appropriate ways of maintaining social distancing in the workplace through configuration and schedule.


At this time, SOA employees are to report to work on Monday under the same circumstances they were working under on Friday March 20, be it via telework or at an office or facility.



ADAM CRUM | Commissioner

Alaska Department of Health and Social Services