Reality Investing

Reality Investing, from Empower Retirement Financial Services, provides you with professional advice on your State of Alaska Retirement plan. You have the ability to select a retirement planning strategy based on your comfort level with investing.

Applicable Retirement Plans

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Three Levels of Investment Advisory Services

As a participant of the above plans, you have access to three levels of investment advisory services called Reality Investing:

  1. Managed Account Service: Do-It-For-Me
  2. Guidance and Advice: Help-Me-Do-It
  3. Resources: Do-It-Myself

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Determine Your Advisory Level

Don't know which level is for you? Take this short quiz:

Or check out this about the three levels of reality investing services:

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Professional Advice on Your State of Alaska Retirement Plans

Your Life, Your Retirement, Your Choice.

Retirement planning is a journey. The first step: knowing how much you’ll need to retire. Financial experts agree that for a comfortable retirement, you’ll need to replace at least 80% of your pre-retirement income. Where does your account stand? The second step: determining the strategy that gives you the best opportunity to achieve your goals. Do you have the knowledge and discipline to implement your strategy?

For some people, retirement planning is at the bottom of the to-do list. For others, it’s top priority. Whatever your situation, Reality Investing from Empower Retirement Financial Services® offers strategies that fit who you are today—and can help get you where you want to be tomorrow.

Managed Account Service

Investment Account Management for the Do-It-For-Me Investor

Are you the type who would rather leave investing to the professionals? With the Managed Account service, an investment advisory services firm picks a diversified allocation of investment options from your Plan to fit your unique situation and retirement goals. Every three months, your account is reviewed to make sure it stays aligned with those goals. Any needed adjustments occur automatically.

Advised Assets Group, LLC (AAG), a wholly owned subsidiary of Empower Retirement Life & Annuity Insurance Company, serves as your investment manager and adviser. AAG partners with Ibbotson Associates for the technology that automates and simplifies the management of your account. You supply the information about your goals and finances, and AAG and Ibbotson will pick your investments and manage your account for you. An annual fee based on your account balance will be assessed to your account quarterly. For instance, if you have a $10,000 account balance, the annual fee to have your account managed for you would be $45 per year. That’s only $11.25 quarterly for professional portfolio management. See the chart below for the fee schedule.

Managed Account Service Annual Fees
Account Balance Annual Fee
Less than $100,000 0.45%
Next $150,000 0.35%
Next $150,000 0.25%
Greater than $400,000 0.15%

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Online Investment Guidance and Advice

A Helping Hand for the Help-Me-Do-It Investor

For those who prefer a more hands-on approach to managing their accounts, the Online Investment Guidance tool offers personalized asset allocation and savings rate recommendations that you can use to build your own portfolio from your Plan’s investment options. There is no fee to use Online Investment Guidance.

With Online Investment Advice, AAG will recommend a portfolio based on the information you provide, using the investment options available in your Plan. You have the freedom and flexibility to implement your own investment choices and manage them online—and generate new recommendations when your situation changes. The Online Investment Advice tool has a $25 annual fee, which is assessed to your account at $6.25 quarterly.

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Investment Information Resources

Research Tools for the Do-It-Myself Investor

If you’re the type who sees annual reports as required reading, Empower Retirement Services gives you free online access to the fund fact sheets, online calculators and market information that can help you make well-educated investment decisions. You can also access the Online Investment Guidance and Online Investment Advice tools discussed above for additional perspective on meeting your retirement goals.

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Reality Investing Enrollment

Advised Assets Group, LLC (AAG) has licensed adviser representatives available to answer questions and provide information to help you make informed decisions regarding your retirement. Choose from these enrollment methods:

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