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Effective immediately, your AlaskaCare plan will no longer cover the full cost of the Weight Watchers at Work program. AlaskaCare members who meet the participation requirements are eligible to participate in the 18-week series at a reduced rate of 50% of the program cost. Meeting locations will remain open throughout the course of the series even if attendance drops.

When your Weight Watchers at Work meeting series wraps up, ensure your continued eligibility under the program by completing the following requirements:

  • Submit your signed Attendance Certification to Sharon Lewis via email or via fax at (907) 465-3086.
  • Completed and signed certificates are due within one week after the end of the session if you wish to continue participation.

AlaskaCare members must attend 15 out of the 18 meetings to be eligible for the rate reduction. If this requirement is not met, the member is no longer eligible to participate at the reduced rate.

Registration Information

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AlaskaCare ID card required for registration.

  • Participation requirements
  • Minimum registration requirement: 15 participants per location – be sure to let your site contact know that you will be registering
  • First meeting date: once the 15 participant requirement is met, your Weight Watchers at Work leader will provide this information


Participants may register for the new series at an Open House or at the first meeting of the new series. Open House dates and times are listed under each location below.

Participant Requirements

The following requirements must be met for AlaskaCare members to participate with a rate reduction:

  • Be eligible for the AlaskaCare Employee Health Plan
  • Attend at least 15 meetings in the 18-week series
  • Attend State of Alaska Weight Watchers At Work meetings
  • Pay your portion of the program cost directly to Weight Watchers

Note that for every week you delay registering it will count as a missed meeting for the participation requirements.

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Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission
333 W 7th Avenue
Wednesdays, 11:45 a.m.
Contact: Catherine Steen
Ak Courts/Snowden Building
820 W 4th Avenue
Training Room
Fridays, 12:00 p.m.
Contact: Linda Homan

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State Office Building
333 Willoughby Avenue
6th floor video conference room
Thursdays, 12:00pm.
Contact: Rebecca Thomas

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Weight Watchers At Work
Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Contact Weight Watchers

    (855) 446-4786 or wellnesshelp@weightwatchers.com.

  2. Is there a cost to participate in the program?

    The cost for the 18-meeting Weight Watchers at Work series is $186. Eligible participants covered under AlaskaCare are required to pay 50% of the series cost. The fee for the program will be collected from your Weight Watchers leader when you enroll. The remaining 50% is covered by AlaskaCare.

  3. Am I an AlaskaCare member?
  4. I'm an AlaskaCare member, what is my proof of eligibility?

    At registration please provide the Weight Watchers at Work leader your health insurance card. If you do not provide your card you will be registered as a self-pay member and will not be reimbursed.

  5. I am a dependent of an AlaskaCare member; may I still participate in the program?

    Yes, qualified dependents, age 18 and over are eligible for participation, however you must attend State of Alaska Weight Watchers at Work meetings in order to meet the participation requirements. Attendance of other Weight Watchers meetings does not meet eligibility requirements.

  6. I am not an AlaskaCare member; can I still join the Weight Watchers at Work meetings? Am I allowed to participate?

    Yes, any State of Alaska employee is welcome to join the Weight Watchers at Work meetings, however only AlaskaCare members are eligible to participate at no cost. Please see question #15, "...how much will Weight Watchers At Work cost me?" for more details.

  7. How can I start a meeting at my location?

    Someone from the location must volunteer to serve as a location coordinator/liaison with Weight Watchers. Locations must have 15 people committed to joining the meetings. Participants do not need to be AlaskaCare members to join. Please contact Jennifer Dalton at jennifer.dalton@alaska.gov or (907) 465-2334 immediately if you believe you have enough interest at your location.

  8. What is required to be a Location Coordinator/Liaison?

    The location coordinator is the point of contact at the meeting site for the Weight Watchers at Work leader. The coordinator is responsible for finding a meeting room, holding some Weight Watchers materials and equipment at the location for the weekly meetings, helping set up the meeting room, and occasionally circulating information about meeting time and location changes.

  9. I won't be able to attend a registration meeting during the Open House. Can I still join?

    Registration for AlaskaCare members is available during weeks 1 and 2. AlaskaCare will not pay for the program for members registering after the second week. The participation requirement is 15 out of the 18 weeks.

  10. Will I receive a warning notification if I am close to losing my eligibility?

    You are responsible for keeping track of the meetings that you miss. Weight Watchers and AlaskaCare will not be contacting participants with information about their attendance status. At the end of the series, qualifying AlaskaCare members will receive a card indicating they have met the participation requirement. This information will be shared with the Division of Retirement and Benefits.

  11. I lost my eligibility last time, can I still join?

    If you previously did not meet the 15 meeting attendance requirement for continued eligibility, you may earn back eligibility under the program. In order to do so, you must pay for, and complete, an 18-week At–Work meeting series, attending at least 15 meetings. Once you have completed this requirement, your eligibility for payment by AlaskaCare for a future series will be reinstated.

  12. What is the attendance policy? What happens if I miss more than the allowed missed meetings?

    AlaskaCare members must attend 15 out of the 18 meetings to be eligible for no-cost program participation. If this requirement is not met, the member is no longer eligible to participate at no cost.

    There is no attendance requirement for paying participants.

  13. Can I go to other Weight Watchers meetings?

    Participants are allowed to attend a maximum of 3 Weight Watchers meetings that are not part of the At-Work program. If you do attend a community meeting, you must present your weigh-in card to the leader of that meeting to complete and sign. If you fail to present your weigh-in card to the leader of the community meeting, we will not be able to verify your attendance.

  14. Are there discounts for Weight Watchers products?

    At this point there are no additional discounted rates with Weight Watchers. However, Weight Watchers offers "special of the week" discounts for specific items.

  15. I'm a monthly pass member. Can I attend these meetings?

    The State of Alaska Weight Watchers at Work will only be open to members enrolled in the 18-week series program. If you would like to participate in our meetings and are currently a monthly pass member, you will need to cancel your monthly pass membership and register for the series program at one of our At Work meeting locations.

    Members must cancel their own Monthly Pass by calling (866) 204-2885 or visit WeightWatchers.com/MonthlyPassCancellation. If calling, members should mention the request for cancellation is due to their work location opening an At Work series.

    Please note: Members will lose access to eTools from the time Weight Watchers cancels the monthly passes until week 1 of the new series, when the leader will provide the series eTools vouchers. Continuing members will be able to retrieve all online history from previous eTools. The leader will provide extra paper weekly trackers for member use during this time.

  16. I'm not an AlaskaCare member – how much will Weight Watchers At Work cost me?

    Any State of Alaska employee is welcome to join the Weight Watchers at Work meetings.

  17. If a Weight Watchers meeting falls on a holiday, will that count as an absence?

    If a Weight Watchers meeting is not held due to a holiday, it will not count towards your participation requirement of attending 15 out of 18 meetings. Meetings not held due to holiday will extend the total length of the program.

  18. Can members who have reached Lifetime status continue to attend the Weight Watchers at Work meetings?

    Lifetime members are welcome to weigh-in at any meeting of their choosing. To remain in good standing as a Lifetime member you must remain with 2 pounds of your goal weight and weigh-in at least once a month at a meeting of your choice.

  19. My doctor has advised that I should discontinue Weight Watchers due to pregnancy or a short-term medical concern. Will I lose future eligibility?

    No. If you are unable to complete the meeting series due to pregnancy or another medical condition, please advise your Weight Watchers leader right away so that they may provide instructions for a medical exception. Weight Watchers will notify our office so that you do not lose future eligibility.

  20. My position with the State requires travel. What if I am unable to meet the 15 meeting requirement due to required travel, will I lose my eligibility?

    No. There are several options now available to help you meet the 15 meeting requirement. You may attend any At-Work meeting, regardless of location. You may also attend up to 3 Weight Watchers community meetings in place of an At-Work meeting. If there is not a Weight Watchers meeting available in the area in which you are required to travel, you may submit the Travel Absence Notification form to our office so that we can make a note that you are traveling due to work requirements.

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